Mar 15, 2009

Double Play

I was recently asked to write out my perfect evening of servitude to a Dom male if I had a "subbie magic wand" and could make my wish come true. I suppose it would go something like this. Not the "be-all, end-all" scenario by any means but this is what I see as a "typical" session.

I enter their home. They're James and Margaret but I know them better as Master and Mistress, Sir and Madam or, on occasion, Daddy and Mommy. It depends what mood they're in. I fit myself to them. I try my best to be whatever they need me to be. By being there for them, I attain satisfaction, completion. I'm like a lock without a key until I see them, until they fit their key into me.

There's no conversation tonight. No wine. No. Instead, they direct me to the basement where they have their equipment. I know what I'm to do. I kneel in my spot and wait for them. It's not long before I hear the clack of Her heels on the stairs followed by the dull thud of His boots. They approach me and I keep my eyes down.

"Stand up," he says. I do, keeping my eyes down.

He comes to me and begins unbuttoning my shirt. He throws it aside and begins on my pants. I came here with one instruction and he sees that I fulfilled it as he takes down my jeans.

"Oh, look what we have here," he says, laughing. "Look at what this little sissy is wearing." He says "sissy" with such derision that I shudder.

She steps to me and snaps the elastic of my pink lacy panties. They're the pair we picked out the month before on one of our shopping excursions but she plays tonight that she's never seen them.

"Oh, my. I thought you picked out a boy to play with, not a little girl," she sighs, crossing her arms and shaking her head. "Oh, well, she'll have to do."

With that, she grabs one of my wrists and lifts my arm high, shackling it above me with the cuffs hanging from the ceiling. She shackles the other one, leaving me helpless. Meanwhile, he puts two cuffs around my knees and attaches a spreader bar between them, pushing my legs wide and increasing the pressure above on my arms. Despite myself, my cock begins to get hard in my panties, thrilled at being exposed and bound.

He sees the bulge in my panties and puts his hand over it, standing in front of me, smiling. He massages me through the satin, watching the lust in my eyes, seeing me lose even more control. My knees lose their strength as the blood continues to rush to my member. He knows what he's doing to me and it makes him smile even more broadly. My mouth is open and I'm panting for breath. "Oh yes," he whispers, "You like this, don't you little girl?"

I nod.

He stops.

"This isn't about what you like," he says, turning away.

I feel her hands yank down my panties, down to my mid-thighs. And, without warning, I feel the sharp sting of a smack on my bottom, followed by a flurry of others. I gasp, going from such pleasure to pain within moments. Now I'm gasping instead of panting.

She stops for a moment and allows me to catch my breath. She reaches around to feel my cock. It's gone flaccid. "Yes," she hisses. "That's right." She begins spanking me again, more rhythmically this time; one cheek and then the other. I feel the heat rising on my asscheeks and I picture them getting redder, picture the imprint of her hands on me.

He steps back to me and begins touching my nipples, running his fingers around the aureole. He knows how sensitive I am there and sees them getting harder. He pinches them, gently at first, and then harder. This is like metal in a microwave, throwing sparks in my head. The pain in my bottom, the pleasure/pain from my nipples, making my mind twist.

She stops spanking me, reaches between my legs, and grasps my balls. She attaches something to them and I feel a tremendous pulling on them. I realize that she has added weights to my balls. It's not necessarily pure pain that I feel but, rather, a stomach-churning discomfort.

Added quickly to this new mix of sensations is her finger, greased and plumbing my ass. "Oh," she says, "this girl's pussy is so tight."

One finger quickly becomes two, and then three, and I feel as if she's tearing me open. All the while he keeps tweaking my nipples, making my cock get hard again, despite the discomfort, if not all out pain, I was in.

She pulls out of me and I moan out of frustration, wanting her in me. I hear the snap of her rubber glove coming off and disappointment washes over me. She undoes my shackles and my arms flop to my side. She undoes my spreader bar and whispers into my ear, "Kneel."

On my knees, steps closer and I rub my head against his crotch like a cat. I feel his manhood beneath my cheek, the heat of it, the shape of it. He runs his hands over my head. Usually he's the tougher of the pair but tonight he's good cop. He's allowing me to feel special, to be his little girl.

"Tell me what you want," he says.

"I want to please you, Sir."


"Any way you see fit, Sir."

"Don't be coy, slut. I'm going to ask you again. Tell me what you want."

I whine. Though I've asked for this a hundred times, I still feel funny somewhere deep inside when I do. "I want to suck your cock, Sir."

"Good girl," he says, undoing his belt buckle. "Go on, take it out. Show me how eager you are, you little cocksucker."

I undid the button and zipper to his pants as fast as I could, hungry for his cock. Opening up his pants I saw that he was without underwear underneath. This made it easier to pull out his hard cock and hold it in my hands before looking up at him and asking, "May I suck you, Sir?"

"No, girl. Show me how much you want it."

I began rubbing his cock over my face, my cheeks, my lips, nuzzling it with my nose. I wanted him, all right. I wanted to inhale him. I wanted to feel his hardness in me. I massaged his balls, cupping them gently, while mine still ached from the weight.

"Suck it, sissy," he said, finally, and I took him painfully slow into my mouth, enjoying every millimeter of his length as it ran over my lips and tongue. I got him as deep as I could and felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me forward, taking more of him in.

"You can do better than that," came her voice from behind me. I held him in my mouth as long as I could. I began to pull back and felt I could only go so far until my head was blocked by her crotch. She allowed me just a few inches that I could move back before moving forward again.

In and out, I took him. When my head went back against her, I felt her push me forward. In essence, she was fucking him with my mouth. She began moving closer, pushing me faster. I could hear them kissing above me and began to feel the swing of his balls into my chin. They were getting tighter and his thrusts into me became harder. Before I knew it, he was cumming in my mouth and I was thirstily swallowing his load.

He removed his cock from my mouth and wiped it against my face before I felt her pull me down onto the ground before mounting my face, grinding her pussy against my mouth. I relished her scent and taste as my tongue lapped against her clitoris until she had a wondrous, shuddering orgasm.

She moved next to me and he kneeled on the other side. Surrounded by them, they took me in their hands and began masturbating me, telling me what a good little sissy I am and that I know well how to please them. He removed the weights from me and massaged my balls, feeling how tight they were, while she put the index finger from her left hand in my mouth, allowing me to suckle it while they brought me to orgasm.

They cleaned me up, had me get dressed again (in a fresh pair of panties), and sent me on my way. A typical night with James and Margaret.

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