Mar 4, 2009

Lady Heather Honored at Cinekink!

Though she didn't win Gil's heart at the end of William Peterson's run on C.S.I. (a complete crock), Lady Heather (Melinda Clark) still won big in 2009 at the Cinekink Film Festival:

FESTIVAL AWARD FOR EXTRAORDINARY MAINSTREAM DEPICTION OF KINK & SEX-POSITIVITY Recognizing extraordinary depiction of kink and sex-positivity in mainstream film and television, the annual CineKink Tribute was presented this year to two CBS television series:

The first CineKink Tribute went to the short-lived "Swingtown" for its "refreshingly upbeat presentation of non-monogamy and the swinging lifestyle as simply another type of relationship choice among many possibilities." Created by Mike Kelley, who was also a series executive producer along with Alan Poul and Carol Barbee; the show debuted on CBS on June 5, 2008 as a summer replacement series and is said to have been championed by network president Nina Tasler.

The second CineKink Tribute went to "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" for its "respectful and non-sensationalistic depiction of professional domination in the guise of lead character Grissom's long-time love-interest, Lady Heather." Created by Anthony E. Zuicker, the series first broadcast on October 6, 2000. Writer Jerry Stahl is credited with creating the Lady Heather character, who was introduced during the series' second season in the episode 'Slaves of Las Vegas' and is portrayed by actress Melinda Clarke.

Melinda Clarke / Lady Heather

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