Jun 6, 2007

The Fortune Cookie

"Your generosity shall be your undoing," read a fortune cooking I opened many years ago. I don't often remember the quaint sayings or good advice given after a mean of fine Chinese food but that particular prediction has stuck with me ever since. You see, I like to be generous. I'm inclined to believe in karma so, when I have friends in need, I try to help out however I can.

One way that I felt repaid recently was when I gave a friend of mine some money to help her move out of her apartment (away from her psycho roommate) and, later, gave her a little more to get her a set of wheels. I missed her terribly and, without a car and stuck in her new apartment, it was difficult to see her. Essentially, I was helping myself out--she now had a place where we could play or she could meet me somewhere to do the same.

She felt fairly awkward, however, accepting my "charity." She knew that I would never ask for anything in return but wanted to repay me somehow. (I tend to not ask for things I want). Worse, she knew it would be a long time coming before she could cobble together the cash to pay me back. Inspired by one of her favorite books, Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl, she decided to pay me back via sexual favors. Likewise, we had something of a sexual history between us. Taking note from her student loan payment book, she made up a "coupon book" that she presented to me the first time she came over in her new car.

I had only seen her look as provocative as she did in pictures, never in person. She had her hair pulled back, showing off the blond streaks in her otherwise dark coif. She wore a long, black dress that was cut up to her thigh. She was an absolute knock-out.

Inside of a small folder were twenty pieces of paper. The first one read, "GOOD FOR ONE FUCK"; the second, "ONE FREE ROUND OF CUNNILINGUS"; the third, "YOU DESERVE A BLOWJOB"; and so on. Each had a sexual act on it, some were repeats while others were definitely unique ("ONE FREE HANDJOB FROM YOUR FAVORITE SCHOOLGIRL (GIGGLE)"). I was aroused at the idea of redeeming these but, moreover, I was amused to no end. She really outdid herself. Some had little hand drawn pictures while others were done up with such elaborate fleur-de-lis and calligraphy that I could barely make out the prurient value.

I tried to put off just how intrigued I was by this. At the same time, my mind was a flurry of activity. Could I only use one at a time? What if I wanted to do multiple things, would I have to use more than one coupon? How long were they good for? What kind of notice did I need to give? I started to stammer out some of these but she put her finger up to my lips and said, "You'll think better in a few minutes... this first one is on the house."

With that, she leaned towards me and put her mouth on my neck, kissing and gently biting me. I don't know how she knew it, but that melted me completely. She put her arms around me and gently pushed me down to my knees. She reached down and pulled up her dress to her waist, revealing her lack of underwear. She parted her legs, standing with her feed far apart and pulled my head against her crotch, allowing me to smell and lick her. She knew how much I enjoyed her taste and allowed me to take a long drink from her well.

She pushed me the rest of the way down and indicated with a motion of her hand that I should take off my pants. Laying there, she climbed on top of me--rolling a condom down my engorged cock before sliding herself down onto me, her dress still on. She looked down at me and smiled before moving her hips ever-so-slightly, working myself deeper into her. I groaned aloud and she began leaning forward onto her knees, allowing me to slide out before plunging back down and pushing me all the way inside of her. Her hands found my buttons and began opening my shirt enough to pinch my nipples. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as she began riding my cock, twisting and tweaking my nipples all the while.

She began moving faster, her mouth opened and I she gave a shaking gasp. She began riding me harder and faster. I couldn't hold back any longer. I began cumming as I saw her shoulders begin to shake with orgasm. She was merciless, fucking me hard, coaxing the orgasm out of herself. As I passed my own threshold a thought passed through my head. wondering if my hips would be bruised the next day from how hard she was slamming down on them.

Regaining her breath, and her always cool composure, she pulled a few stray hairs back into place before smirking down at me, standing up, and straightening her dress. "Now I'll take your questions," she said, taking out a cigarette and sitting down on my couch.

We worked out all of the pesky details and spent the next six months working through my coupon book. I even managed to earn a few coupons here and there when her car needed some maintenance. While my generosity might be my undoing some day, this wasn't the time.

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