Jun 26, 2007

Story from Sybatra

The following comes from my friend and first Mistress, Sybatra.

Once upon a time there was a young man who had applied himself diligently to his studies. When he brought home his report card, it showed many A's and just one B. That B was in Home Economics, a class required by his school, and by his Father's desire that he find ways to make himself useful around the house.

When his Mother saw the report card, she was happy for all the A's, but a little sad for the B. The B meant certain punishment when Daddy came home. She sent Michael to his room to wait for his Father, as she knew she should.

When his Father arrived home, he could hear his parents voices below him, then his father called up the stairs "Son, come down to the Kitchen. Now."

Michael came down immediately, not daring to do anything to increase his Father's anger. The boy stood, eyes cast down, waiting for what was to come. Mother sat quietly watching as Daddy stripped his son naked and put him in a frilly apron, leaving his bottom bare, and not much else covered either.

"Now for a little lesson in Home Economics, my boy. I trust this will help you bring that grade up to an A as it should be"

The tall man checked the windows, seeing that they were all covered and closed, that no one could see in, and then it began.

"On you knees!! Now bend over, hands on the floor."

Mom watched as Daddy paddled Michael's bare bottom with a wide steel spatula. As the welts grew, the boy was driven closer and closer to his mother's feet.

"Kiss them!", the words boomed in the boy's ears. "You will learn to respect the role of homemaker, and take your studies seriously."

The paddling went on as his Mother, following orders, stood and removed her panties, dropping them near the boy. He felt his face pressed down into them, and the paddle stopped.

"Smell them! That is the scent of woman. Honor it!!"

Daddy grabbed him by the back of his hair, and as his Mother returned to the chair, Michael's face was pressed between her legs as she lifted her petticoats and allowed him entrance to her private world.

"Now, lick!!!!"

On his aching knees, forced from behind by Daddy, he had little choice but to do as instructed. Sweet, musky pussy engulfed his senses, and though his bottom stung from the memory of the paddling, and he wanted it to begin again. He wiggled his bottom as he licked, wondering where Daddy was.

Suddenly, deliciously, he felt a warm slippery something and heard "Warm butter!! That's what a good meal needs! Can't eat without warm butter, kid."

Into his tight little ass went butter, and lots of it, worked in by eager probing fingers and followed quickly by what could only be his Father's cock! The Pain was quickly gone replaced by tingling fullness. Caught between hot pussy and the hard cock, the boy rocked and ached and wanted more than could undertsand having. His own cock was throbbing and his fingers longed to enter his Mother's cunt, but he was pinned and helpless and drowning in her juices, aching to be opened even wider from behind.

When the boy came, he screamed and called out "Please hurt me! Love me! Keep me safe..." Then he mumbled, dissolving in gratitude, "I'm sorry, I'll do better. Oh, please just fuck me forever."

Then he curled up small. Daddy removed the frilly apron, and rubbed his back. Mommy washed his face and they carried him to bed. They held Michael close between them and he could still smell the cunt and the cock. He could still taste the love, and feel the heat of the paddle that told him they cared.

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