Sep 18, 2007

Her Little Friend

I was all set to meet my friend Grace for an afternoon romp when I got an unexpected call from her.

"I have something I need to ask you," she said solemnly. "I have a friend over and I'm wondering if it's okay if she stays. I'd like her to be there when we play."

I had been expecting a cancellation or worse. The addition of another woman for our rendezvous didn't sound too bad at all.

When I arrived, I was introduced to April; a diminutive lass with a voluptuous figure. She seemed slightly shy and very cute. She stayed close to Grace, almost as if she were afraid of me.

Grace always appreciated my tongue. An avowed bi-sexual, Grace swore that I could preform cunnilingus better than any lesbian she knew. She couldn't wait much more than a few minutes to shuck her clothes and get up onto her knees on the bed. "Come lick me, darling," she purred, her shaved pussy beckoning to me.

I got an idea and told April, "If you really want to make Grace happy, do what I do..." I got down on my knees at the edge of the bed and she followed my lead. I took Grace's tender left foot into my hand and she took the right one. I put my mouth over her big toe and began to suckle at it. Grace began moaning and this quickly turned into a squeal of pleasure as April began sucking on the big toe of Grace's right foot.

We both kneeled there, licking and massaging Grace's feet. Grace quickly slid a finger down the slit of her pussy and began masturbating as April and I worshiped her tender toes. I watched as April's tongue slithered along Grace's arch and heard Grace moan, "It's taking everything I have to not cum right now..."

I knew how much Grace loved having her feet worshipped and could tell that April was enjoying hearing Grace moan and groan as much as I did. Holding her hand flat over her pussy, Grace was pushing herself against her palm when she said, "I can't take it anymore. Mike, I need your tongue in my ass."

Grace was one of the only people that ever requested that I rim her. Since then, I was always sure to provide this to her. It was a special bond between us, I felt. She got up onto her knees, turning over and offering her tanned bottom to me. I got up on the bet behind her, kneeling on all fours, and slid my tongue up and down the crack. April still kneeled by the side of the bed, watching us.

As I pushed my tongue into the tight rosebud of Grace's ass, I felt a wonderful sensation. April had crawled up onto the bed with us and gotten underneath me to take my cock in her mouth. As I pushed my tongue in and out of Grace's tight ass, April was sliding her mouth up and down on my cock. Her hunger for cock was voracious. I had never felt someone so enthusiastic about fellatio before. It felt like her tongue was another hand, grabbing and stroking me as she slurped noisily between my legs. I felt light headed as I continued tongue fucking Grace's ass.

It was as if April's vacuum mouth was sucking the cum right out of me. I moaned into Grace's ass and began orgasming as April gulped down my cum.

Not wanting to leave anyone out, Grace turned over onto her back and told April, "Bring that sweet pussy over here." April put her legs around Grace's head as she began licking April with gusto. I watched this for a few minutes before I sank back between Grace's legs and began licking her pussy. I could hear her moans muffled under April and this seemed to telegraph up through and out of April who joined in the chorus of pleasure. It was like I was licking both Grace and April at the same time as the intensity of my tongue on Grace's clit seemed to mirror that which she applied to April's. Soon they were both writhing and moaning as they orgasmed in tandem, something that I'll never forget.

We collapsed in a heap of bodies, April to Grace's right and me to her left as we both lay in her arms and slowly ran our hands over Grace's glistening body. We chatted a while until April and I looked at each other and then both took Grace's nipple's into our mouths, starting the whole thing all over again...

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