Sep 25, 2007

Lunchtime Rendezvous

Gabirelle, when you told me that you were coming out to pick me up and that you'd be driving a friend's van, the dirty wheels of my mind went into overdrive.

I pictured us getting lunch to go somewhere and eating it in an isolated parking lot somewhere before going into the back of the van and having some fun. I imagined you taking me in your mouth -- you do it so well -- and giving me something to think about for the rest of my drab day at work.

Little did I know just what kind of van it was! Not too much privacy there!

I've not had a lot of experience with vehicular fun in my life, always very concerned about being caught. I've had one blowjob in a car before -- ten years ago this month, now that I think about it. It was another friend of mine, who brought sandwiches and thermoses of iced tea. We managed to find an unpopulated parking lot in a busy business district. After eating she asked if she could have dessert. I know it was a corny line, but as she reached for my belt buckle, I just didn't care if it was a groaner or not because I quickly became a moaner.

Anyway, thanks for taking me out. Those were the dirty thoughts I was telling you about...

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