Oct 6, 2007

Website Revamp

This year I've been serving as something of an adviser to a good friend of mine, Dee Paige. I gave her a rather pointed and detailed critique of her website, TSPaige.com. She took this in stride and had her webmaster revamp her site. This second version got another no-holds-barred list of further necessary improvements. Finally, I put my "money" where my mouth was and did a site for her gratis at a domain I registered, PaigeTS.com. She was delighted. I managed to talk her into allowing me to work some of my magic at her TSPaige site and I spent the last fortnight giving her site a little cosmetic surgery (I won't call it a complete facelift).

There are a lot of things I'd like to continue to work with her on but I feel that the site's a vast improvement and invite readers to check it out. It's definitely a lot lighter load (save for the intro animation which I want to do code-based) and is now standards-compliant and Search Engine Optimized. Yes, I'm a nerd but I'm a nerd with heart.

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