Oct 23, 2007

A Musical Interlude

My talk about laying a "variety pack" brought to mind this pretty little ditty by The Dwarves:

Fuck 'Em All

I fucked one in the basement. I fucked one in the hall.
Fucked one on a toilet seat in a bathroom stall.
Fucked one in an alley, up against the wall.
I fucked 'em all.

I fucked one in Exotica when I got the blues.
Then I fucked a college girl, [she] didn't have a clue.
Fucked one kind of sideways, like a China doll.
I fucked 'em all.

It seems like ballin' bitches is all I ever do.
You'd better watch your ass, or I'll fuck that too.

I fucked one on a freight train and it rolled all night.
I fucked a girl in Pittsburgh, the Steelers won that night.
I fucked an operator, now she takes my calls.
I fucked 'em all. Yeah, yeah, I fucked 'em all.

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