Nov 18, 2012

In the Garage

I've been living in this house for going on eleven years. For all that time there's been a storage locker in the garage that came with us from our old house (where it also spent most of its days in that garage).

That locker contains a lot of hopes and dreams. It contains memories of bygone days. Also packed in there are a collection of toys. It's been so long since I've seen inside the locker that I forget the inventory of what's there.

The toys have no personal memories associated with them as I never used them or used them on anyone else. Most of them were "donated" to my wife from the days when she was Dominant. Some were left in safe-keeping by submissives who couldn't keep toys at home for fear of discovery. Some were purchased by my wife with hopes of using them on someone. On me? Perhaps. But that she had them all before we met, that's doubtful.

I remember a set of four-point restraints that were secreted out of a psych ward. There's an array of vibrators whose batteries have most likely corroded. I don't remember anything else.

That chest bothers me. It sits out there day after day, taunting me.

It's a shame that these toys go unused. I'm of two minds with it. I want to go out and throw it away. Not just the contents but the chest as well. Or, I want to dig out everything and use it on a very special someone (after being washed and given new batteries, of course).

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