Nov 12, 2012

On a Podcast!

I was on the "Writers of Fetish Erotica" episode of In Bed with Dr Sue® via Blog Talk Radio along with my fellow smut writers, Irv O. Neil, Ed Cantor and Angela St. Lawrence.

We also had a surprise guest, Lori Perkins, a literary agent from NYC. Unfortunately, the conversation turned to 50 Shades of Grey and it felt like everything I said was being misconstrued as a criticism -- even when I was talking about how wonderfully agnostic kindles/e-readers are (you can read whatever smut you want an no one's judging you by the cover of the "book" you're holding.

We were live on the air with callers. Anything could happen... and did!

Get the episode via iTunes or from the Blog Talk Radio website or listen to it directly via the interface below.

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Mistress Magick said...

I need to go back and listen again to remember who said exactly what, but I know that you made some good points. The fact is that, e-readers are becoming the best way to deliver romance, porn and everything in between, and every writer who is paying attention to what is happening in those genres knows it. The need for publishers, and especially for agents, is disappearing.

I would say that the 50 Shades/erotic romance audience isn't the same as the audience for you and the other writers who were speaking. It also wasn't fair of the hostess to bring on a "Special Guest" when there were already four of you. I understand that she felt she was doing you a favor by exposing you and the listeners to an agent. I don't think she understood that that that agent really serves a different genre, however similar it might seem.

You did a good job, and it's not your fault that it became "The 50 Shades of Grey Show". I hope to see you, and all the other writers back and to be able to hear more from you.

Mistress Magick
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Edward Cantor said...

It certainly was a fun show to be a part of. I am very impressed by the success of those I was on the show with. Compared to all of your work and successes, I'm just some guy who writes dirty stories in the dark.

It was thrilling to know that the callers could and did ask whatever they wanted to know, and gratifying to know that there were fans out there.

I will agree it was a bit too bad that there was significant discussion of 50 Shades in lieu of talking about the great works of my fellow authors, but I certainly hope those that listen to Doctor Sue's show will take the time to follow up some of the author's links, web pages, twitter feeds and stories to find out more. I guess there is just no escaping those books now, and Lori certainly did seem to think there was a mainstream opportunity for work to be found.

I hope there will be more opportunity to interact with readers and those who might want to be readers soon.

Edward Cantor