Nov 30, 2007

Naughty Nurse

Below is the continuation of this story.

Melanie didn't have a nursing degree but she knew more than most practicing RNs. She'd been involved in the medical fetish community since before she graduated college and had been practicing with all things medical--needles, injections, bloodletting, enemas, and so much more--ever since. She had even taken to giving her friends and colleagues their annual flu shots for the last few years.

The main project for the last few months had been the treatment and transformation of her best friend's husband from a red-blooded American male to a submissive, feminized slave. To that end, she'd been employing a wide variety of hormones, tonics, and other items of questionable origin.

The patient, michael, lay on the examination table. His hands were bound above his head and the look of worry on his face was comical to Melanie. She stood next to him, opening an alcohol wipe, and relishing the power that she felt. Lifting up his thin cotton gown, she saw how shriveled his tiny penis had gotten out of fear. She wiped the cool cotton swap over one of his nipples and noticed an immediate change as his penis began to grow from her stimulation. His fear became mortification as his body betrayed him.

She said nothing with words but allowed him to see her raise an eyebrow and tsk at the sight.

His nipples cleaned, she threw away the wipe before donning her rubber gloves. She snapped them on each wrist with menacing finality. She took a large needle from her tray and allowed the light to catch it before bending over him.

Her smell was intoxicating. Her honey brown hair brushed his shoulder and he felt her warm breath on his skin just as he felt the sharp sting in his right nipple as the needle penetrated his flesh. It seemed to take forever before the needle came through the other side of his aureole. She moved back, allowing him to see the thin piece of metal running into one side of his nipple and out through the other. Despite the pain, the sensation was enough to bring his penis to full arousal.

She moved to the other side of the examination table and performed the procedure again on his other nipple. This time, he couldn't help but cry out. Tears welled in his eyes as the sight of his skewered nipples and hard cock was too much to bear.

"Now, now," Melanie cooed. "You know this is for the best, baby girl."

Back at her tray, she prepared a hypodermic. "This is some more special medicine for my girl," she said, leaning over him again. The needle pierced his skin and Melanie pushed down the plunger. Her special concoction began welling under his skin. "Here you go... Now you'll have big boobies, just like Auntie Melanie." And, indeed, his breasts did look more swollen than they had before.

She repeated the process on his other breast. The solution had a calming effect on michael. Likewise, the pain of the procedures thus far had released the natural endorphins that eased him into a more submissive frame of mind.

Back at her tray, Melanie prepared a rather frightening hypodermic -- the needle had to be at least two inches long and the tube attached to it was full. "This is going to hurt," Melanie said, grinning at him. She bent over him, taking his cock in one of her rubber-gloved hands as she sank the needle into his balls.

He screamed as he felt the needle pierce him and the liquid run into him like fire. "This is going to make your balls really big and sore... and then they'll start to shrink up until they're just little beans. This will make more room in your pretty panties, little girl," she said, chuckling.

The pain put an immediate cessation to his hardness. His penis became tiny and flaccid and this was exactly what Melanie desired. She unrolled a small canvas bag. Inside were several long, silver, metal skewers. She withdrew one and held it before michael's face. "Do you know where this is going?" she asked.

He could only sob and shake his head.

"This is going all the way down your little penis. This is a sounds." She placed it back on her tray before getting another alcohol rub that she used on the head of his penis. The alcohol burned but, at the same time, the warmth felt pleasant on some levels to michael. She noticed that his cock was attempting to get hard again. Rather than allow this, she used her thumb and forefinger to thump his swollen balls. He cried out again and his cock shrunk immediately.

Taking the sounds, she used some medicinal lubricant on it, also dabbing some on the slit of his penis. Holding his penis with one hand, she used the other to guide the Dittel sounds inside.

Immediately, the urgent feeling of urinating hit michael. He was overcome with the dread and humiliation of peeing himself while he wasn't actually doing so. He'd never felt anything going into his urethra, just urine coming out. He whimpered as he watched the metal spike slide inside of him.

She loved seeing the clean silver metal disappear into him, knowing the sensations that she sent through his body as she did it. In a sense, she was fucking his penis with this hard metal. She slid it in until she knew to stop. Afterwards, she put a small cage around his cock and balls that held the sounds straight into the air, perpendicular to his body. This sight was so amusing that she had to laugh to herself again.

While she removed her gloves she admired her handiwork. She thought of the perfect addition to michael's discomfort.

Melanie retrieved a TENS unit from her bag and connected the alligator clips to the metal tip of the sounds. She set it on low and started the electrical current running down the metal into michael's penis. He moaned low at the introduction of this new sensation. She smiled before clicking the "UP" button on the unit to increase the voltage.

He moaned again, this time with a hint of urgency, as if unsure whether he was feeling something pleasurable or painful shooting through his member and running through his body. She clicked "UP" again, twice now. The moan became something of a mewl and then a howl as any question of pleasure was demolished and only pain coursed through him in pulses.

How she enjoyed being the bringer of pain through her medical experience. Too often she was cautious of giving "ouchies" while every time she was with michael she could give as much pain as she desired. She watched him writhe and upped the voltage again. Tears streamed from the corners of his eyes and his body began to shake uncontrollably. She allowed this to go on for another thirty seconds before slowly dialing back the TENS down to zero.

She slid the sounds out of him and knew that this brought on the sensation of urination once again. Rather than letting him wet his cell again later on, Melanie removed a prepared catheter from her bag and inserted the pre-lubed tip into his urethra... pushing deeper this time until she pushed into his bladder. Immediately, a stream of urine began to flow out and fill the plastic bag between his legs.

This humiliation was simply too much. Michael began to cry openly now as he lost control of his bladder. This only made Melanie laugh aloud. "Poor baby," she mocked. "Is she going pee pee all on her own?" She laughed again.

She went about her business, cleaning up her equipment, as the urine continued to drain from michael's bladder and tears continued to fall from his eyes.

When empty, she removed the catheter tube and then removed the spikes from his nipples. This attention immediately brought a response from his penis again. "See? Everything's okay," she giggled.

She had him roll over onto his stomach, his hard-on brushing the paper of her examination table. She injected him with a sedative that put him out immediately. She would have Kevin wheel him back to his cell later.


Unknown said...

MMMMMM This was fun ;-) You are by far my favorite writer!

MIstress Jessica Flowers said...

This is amazing, I sooo love your writing and have so much more to read!! Glad you have so much of it out there!! Keep it coming!!