Nov 16, 2007

Big Fun in a Small Space

To say that my apartment was small is an understatement. As the old joke goes, you had to step into the hallway just to change your mind. It always amazed me the amount of things that Kitty could do to me in such a small space. But, really, most of the things she did to me took place in the space between my ears.

Kitty came in carrying a small duffel bag and wearing an evil grin on her face (and not much else). She had only told me that tonight she would be using me in ways that I'd not been used before. I could only gulp a bit and know that whatever she was doing would be in my best interest and, more importantly, for her pleasure.

She instructed me to strip. She stood and watched, her arms crossed, as I removed all of my clothes. I reddened under her gaze. Tapped her booted foot impatiently as she watched me remove every inch of clothing. Once I was bare, she had me stand with my hands above my head, facing away from her.

I could hear her getting items out of her bag. Time moved strangely for me as I stood, staring ahead at nothing, listening for everything that I could and wondering what was in store for me.

Her warm hand graped my shoulder. "Turn around and lay across the bed," she told me sternly. I felt something slick and hard push against my asshole. Bending over, I felt it penetrate my hole. The invasion wasn't gentle and it wasn't quick. She pushed something inside of me, deep and fast. I gasped and she shushed me. "Just accept it," she told me.

Suddenly, I felt the sensation of warmth and wetness. "Grasp your asshole tight," she commanded. Obeying, I felt myself being filled now. She moved into my peripheral vision where she had a tall device like one would see in a hospital. Rather than an IV handing from it, there was an enema bag. She loosened the clamp that began flooding my insides with a deluge of water and discomfort. "You'd better take every drop," she hissed before leaving my side.

I whimpered helplessly as my insides were irrigated. It didn't take long for the cramping to start. I had never had an enema for "recreation" before and it had been years since my last one. I forgot the intense discomfort that made me reel.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on keeping my asshole as clenched as I could make it. I didn't want to embarrass myself or upset Kitty by disobeying. I tried to keep my breathing steady, though I wanted to pant with nervousness and pain. While I did this, Kitty readied other things in the room.

"Hold tight," she said. I tried clenching as fast and tight as I could as she snatched the nozzle from my bottom. I felt a few drops of water drip down my legs but managed to hold in the rest of the solution that filled me. "You're to hold that for as long as you can, do you understand?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," I responded. I wondered how long I could possibly endure the sensation. A fresh wave of cramps struck just then and I cried out. I felt as if I was being torn in two but knew I couldn't give up yet. I wanted to hold out as long as possible. I wanted to make Kitty happy and I knew taking as much pain as possible would do so.

Kitty sat on the bed. I could see her black nylon clad legs. My eyes followed them up to a pair of short denim shorts. She put something else into my field of vision; a magazine. She slid it down until it was in front of my eyes. It was one of those "letters" magazines like Man Talk, Options or the like. "Read it," she commanded.

Gritting my teeth, I began. The story was already in progress. "I pushed deeper with my finger, sliding in slowly before pulling out. I replaced my finger with my cock, aimed at his anus. Using the same amount of pressure, I pushed into him, opening him wider over the head of my cock. He moaned again, breathier this time. I waited, allowing him to get used to the sensation. Wordlessly, he nodded and I continued; moving deeper inside of him."

I moaned. Not out of arousal but out of extreme discomfort. I heard the distinct sound of a phone being dialed. "Hello, Marcia? This is Kitty. Yes, it's going swimmingly. He's a couple quarts up. It's story time. Want to hear? Sure." She slid her phone down next to the magazine. "Keep reading, slut," she said.

I swallowed and tried to breathe evenly as another wave of cramps took over. I found my voice and started reading again, "Seeing the look of pleasure on his face and feeling his ass tightening around my cock. I put my hands around his waist and began pulling him against me as I pushed into him. I could feel the vibration as he pulled his cock beneath me as I fucked him harder. He started to cum and as he reached his orgasm the pressure on my cock triggered my own orgasm. I threw myself into him, over and over again as I exploded inside of his ass."

Kitty took her phone back. "Yes. Oh yes, certainly. Thanks. You too. Bye," she said before hanging up. I knew that I couldn't go on any longer without making a mess.


"Yes, slut."

"May I relieve myself?"

"Yes, slut. You may."

I started to stand up from the bed and walk awkwardly to the bathroom.

"What do you think you're doing, slut?" Kitty demanded. "You will crawl there.

Getting to my knees was a trial in itself. Once there, I got down onto my hands and started crawling to the bathroom. The trip never seemed to take as long as it did then. It took all of my self and muscle control to get onto the toilet before releasing. The noise was horribly embarrassing and my small place did nothing to keep Kitty from hearing the torrent.

It felt like I was in the bathroom for an hour. When I finally crawled out, Kitty was waiting for me wearing a strap on dildo, a wicked smile, a half-shirt, and little else. "Now that you're all cleaned out for me, you're going to take my cock up that pretty little cunt of yours," she said, laughing darkly. "Crawl over here quickly and stand up next to this desk."

I did as she said. She grabbed onto my shoulders and pushed me down until I was bent over. She told me to brace my hands on the desk and leaned over me until I felt her body against me. "You're going to be my good little bitch, aren't you?" she asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said sotto voce.

"Good answer," she said, pushing the head of her cock against my asshole.

She grabbed onto my hips and began opening me. The pressure from her hips built until my body opened to her and accepted her overlarge dildo. She grunted as I opened to her and pulled my hips closer to her, moving her cock deeper inside. "Oh yeah," she hissed. "Yes, take it, bitch. Take my cock."

She pushed farther into me. It felt like we were the only two people in the world as we stood in the tight quarters of my apartment. In our limited space, only the inches that moved in and out of me felt important. Kitty maneuvered her hips as she slid in and out of me, "Oh, right there," she said. "It's pushing right against my clit now. Oh, yes." She began fucking me, now. Each thrust count; giving her pleasure and taking her closer. She slapped my ass, reflexively making me clench down tighter on her cock and increasing the resistance she felt. She groaned lower, almost growling.

She began bucking against me. Fucking me, making me cry out. She began grunting in tandem with me. My cries seemed to spur her on. We both got louder and louder. Me from pain mixed with a modicum of pleasure, she from pure unadulterated lust and pleasure. Finally, she grasped onto my shoulders and jammed her cock into me as deep as she could get it. I heard her crescendo; her cries became staccato yelps as she orgasmed. She threw herself against my back, allowing her arms to hang down by my side as she caught her breath. I felt my ass spasm, continuing to clutch at Kitty's cock. She wiped her sweaty brow against my back and slapped my ass again before she slid out of me.

I heard her collapse on my bed. My knees were weak and it was difficult to stay leaning over the desk. Yet, I knew I couldn't move until given permission. Kitty rested for a few minutes before she got up and went about her business. I kept my eyes forward, concentrating on staying where I stood.

Soon, Kitty came back to stand next to me. She was fully-dressed once again. She kissed my cheek and stroked my bare bottom before bidding me goodbye and telling me that she'd see me again soon.


Anonymous said...

That wasone gret story, It got me all worked up

Unknown said...

Once again another amazing story by my favorite writer!

Anonymous said...

a very real tale of lust and woe, with a sensual essence...