Nov 5, 2007

Re-Education Part 2: A Fantasy

This is a sequel to this story.

Charlie stood behind him. The submissive could feel Charlie's cock, urgent, against his panties... pushing them into the crack of his bottom. Charlie held the smaller man against him, his breath hot on the submissive's neck, his voice in his ear. "Is my girl hungry?" Charlie asked, knowing full well the answer.

Since Charlie had taken over michael's life, he had survived on a diet consisting of daily doses of semen and an IV drip of other essential nutrients that Charlie, Kevin, and Melanie had deemed necessary. There were other additions to the cocktail mix that kept michael calm and pliable. There was even a good does of female hormones that emasculated michael -- or "wendy" as he was known more often -- even more. This "all-cum diet" had done exactly what Charlie had wanted. It made michael/wendy a cock-hungry whore who sucked cock like his life depended on it for, in a manner of speaking, it did.

Kevin took full advantage of michael's mouth, using the submissive's mouth a few times a day. It was Charlie's privilege alone, though, to use michael's "pussy" and he had been breaking it in slowly for the last four months.

Michael had no idea that he'd been in captivity for a third of the year. He had little memory of the days before he was kidnapped. His life had become a blur and it seemed that he had lived his entire life as Charlie and Angela's property.

Angela, his wife in another lifetime, had engaged in a wild extramarital fling with Charlie. His cocksure cocksmanship has captured her imagination. Rather than getting a divorce, she decided to give her husband to Charlie as a present, turning michael into a living sex toy. Since then, Angela, Charlie, and Charlie's friends had taken their turns at forming michael into their ideal concubine.

"Please, Daddy, please put it inside of me," michael whined as Charlie rubbed his bare cock against the panty-clad ass. Charlie grinned to himself, thinking of the times when michael would beg to not be fucked.

"Such a little slut," he whispered into michael's ear. Charlie had been using and abusing michael's "pussy" for months now; stretching him out with butt plugs of various sizes. At first, Melanie would stroke michael's cock while the poor little sub got his ass stretched, giving michael mixed messages of pleasure and pain in a sweet discomfort. Now michael needed his ass filled. He rubbed his ass back against Charlie's cock, practically cooing at the idea of taking Charlie's fat meat inside of him.

Charlie knew that michael had to be hurting. It had been a week since the little bitch boy had been "milked." Between that lack of release and the extra hormones in his IV, michael was a complete bitch in heat. His poor little sexual organ wasn't available to him for masturbation, either. He had been in a chastity device that encased his little penis and would cause pain whenever he got hard.

"God, Charlie, fuck her already. Can't you hear her begging for it?" Angela laughed. She sat across from them, taking in the scene. She loved watching Charlie fuck michael. Something about seeing her slave husband bent over and crying out as Charlie stuffed his cock into the little sissy gave her goose bumps. She relished every time she heard michael squeal and each time Charlie grunted in satisfaction as he orgasmed. She had enjoyed seeing michael emasculated and humiliating him.

Charlie looped his thumbs through the side of michael's panties and slid them down ever-so-slowly. Angela watched as michael's hips moved back and forth, uncontrollably, as if fucking the air. "Yes, Daddy, fuck me, Daddy, please..." This whimpering only served to make Charlie's enormous cock even harder. He spit on his hand and rubbed the head of his thick prick, spreading spittle and precum over the purple mushroom head. He looked at Angela and smiled as he lined up the head of his cock with michael's waiting bunghole, winking at her as he pushed himself into the slut's hole.

Emitting a terrific howl of pain and satisfaction, michael pushed himself as far down onto Charlie's cock as the larger man would allow. Angela smiled and zoomed her small hand held camcorder in to catch more of the action. She had been carefully documenting her cuckolded husband's transformation from the beginning. The clips she culled from the hours of tape had garnered her a good income via web and DVD sales.

She watched through the viewfinder as michael's face went through paroxysms of pain and pleasure as Charlie drove deep. Charlie began spanking michael's ass as he fucked the submissive, making michael's asshole clench up with each blow. Charlie grunted with the new intensity as his cock was clutched by the muscles inside the submissive slut. Angela focused on Charlie's face as he crossed the threshold into orgasm, grabbing onto michael's hips roughly and slamming the submissive's ass down hard, pushing deeper into michael than before. She watched as Charlie's face attained the calm glow of sexual satisfaction.

He slid out of michael. The submissive whined at being so empty so suddenly. Charlie removed his filled condom and threw it down in front of michael as a treat for the cum whore. Angela faded out the scene as Charlie wiped himself off before coming to her and kissing her. Leaving the room, they looked back at michael, down on his knees slurping at the condom, his ankles chained to the wall-mounted hooks that kept him secure. They were both pleased at how well their re-education program was progressing.

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