Nov 4, 2007

Celebrating a Year of Perversion

I've been penning this blog for a year now and thought I'd take a few minutes to look back at what this site has become for me.

I've been writing dirty stories in various shapes and sizes since I was a teen. I consider those first letters that I used to pen for various Dominas my first attempt to put into word the feelings and fantasies that I was coming to grips with after my "discovery" of BDSM.

The "various Dominas" were those fine ladies of Domina Express, a publication filled with ads from Dommes around the world. It was similar to the DDI (Domination Directory International) but less glossy and catered more to a less professional crowd or at least that's what I thought. Through a scattershot effort to find a Dominant woman with which to correspond or serve (I was hoping for at least a conversation!), I discovered that a lot of these "real women" were actually some kind of front for a business. I kept getting the same response letter from various "ladies" -- all with the same nasty perfume smell and all with the same flowery font. And, alas, all with the request to send money. It was quite an eye-opener.

However, there were a few real women to be found in the pages of Domina Express as well as the pages of a local independent paper's classified ads. That's where I found Sybarta along with a few other Domme ladies with which to speak. Some of them I spoke to for years.

Through those early days, I began to open myself via prose and explore some of the oddball thoughts rolling around in my head. I went back to the things that piqued my interests and why they might have. Since correspondence was relatively "safe," I tried to not hold anything back. I know that I did -- and still do -- but I feel safe here, too, and I don't mind sharing as much as I do. Thanks for all of your support.


Anonymous said...

Well, congrats, Porno Person. And much deserved. Your blog is on the way to becoming famous.

...or infamous?

So is there going to be a party? I'll bring the music and cheese doodles.

Unknown said...

Just bring yourself... you're party favor enough!