Nov 8, 2006

Forbidden Fruit

I'm a slut. I'll admit it. I love sex and I love to have it with various partners. Each new person brings new challenges, new thresholds, new passions, and new satisfactions. I tend to think of this as being a bad thing -- that I should be satisfied with one partner and never have the desire to be with anyone other than my spouse or to just find one lover outside of my marriage and stick with that. But I can't.

Schedules, for one thing, don't permit it.

Moveover, I don't want that. I like the variety. When I got divorced from my ex-wife I made the prophetic statement that I wanted to go out and sow my wild oats with a "variety pack". "I want to try a black lady, an asian, a latina..." I said, jawing on about all of the different races, colors, and creeds that I wanted to experience sexually. I wanted to be an equal opportunity slut. I'm still working on that today.

I know that part of this need for multiple sex partners comes from my lack of sex with my ex-wife (my first sex partner and, if I was still married to her, my last). Realizing that our sexless marriage wasn't fair to myself and that I deserved to experience the full spectrum of life helped turn me into the deviant I am today.

Once I tasted "forbidden fruit" it was tough to not keep returning to the tree.

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