Nov 22, 2006

Strong Memories

It's been so strange talking to Sybatra lately. She doesn't remember a lot of what we did together while I seem to have those memories burned into my brain. What makes that even stranger is that I tend to have a horrible memory. "I said that?" or "I did that?" are some common questions I ask as friends relate tales of our ribald adventures. But, yet, with Sybatta, I feel as if I could recall every detail from sight to scent to taste without much effort.

Certainly, there are some memories from our time(s) together that appear merely as "flashes" -- various tableaus -- but others are whole. I picture myself on my back in her backyard under a tarp with a dildo in my mouth -- "base side in" -- while she was atop of me, facing my feet, and riding the dildo. I watched her ass go up and down, her asshole winking at me with each stroke. Her hands on my young cock.

The other thing that's odd, when I look back, is that we knew each other for five years but only met four or five times. It felt like her abode was on the other side of the world -- though it's hours closer than she is now. Even though she fulfilled many of my dreams and opened so many "mental doors" for me, it was always a challenge to get to her. Was it that I was trying to be a good boy and remain faithful to my girlfriend/wife? What a coincidence that I met my ex-wife through the same magazine where I met Sybatra!

Would I have had too much of a good thing if I had gotten my fill of her? Could I EVER get my fill of her? I doubt it. She still haunts my dreams.

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