Feb 16, 2009

The Therapist 2

A sequel to both this story and this story.

Michael had been undergoing weekly treatments with Dr. Caroline Herzog and her husband, Charles for a little over a year. They introduced their patient to Wendy, the dirty girl that hid inside of the young man's exterior. Caroline documented the process via notes and video records. From these videos, the Herzogs culled several hours worth of clips which they sold via a third party company.

In their first session, Caroline Herzog found her patient highly susceptible to hypnosis. She was able to open him up as easily as a telephone directory, finding his femme persona hiding just below the surface of his well-cultivated heterosexual facade. She brought out Wendy to play and never looked back.

Wendy gave the Herzogs endless pleasure and a lucrative source of income. After Caroline successfully introduced Michael to Wendy, she was able to extend her sessions outside of their weekly scheduled times. Caroline set up a series of trigger words into Michael's subconscious. She and Charles had gotten into the habit of calling Michael in the evening, simply saying the word "Whorebait", and counting on his arrival at their townhouse within fifteen minutes where he would arrive as Wendy, the cock and cunt hungry whore ready to please them. With another word, she would excuse herself and return to Michael and his vanilla life with no memory of his time as a human party favor.

With each passing week, Caroline continued to extend her lexicon of trigger words. She was building up Michael/Wendy for a meeting with other potential investors. She had Michael in a deep trance and was inserting her trigger when he went into convulsions.

Eyes rolled up in his head and he began shaking. Caroline was paralyzed, never having seen a reaction like this before. Michael began moaning, low, but soon pitched to a scream. This got Caroline out of her seat and to the phone. But, before she began dialing, Michael's fit stopped and complete awareness came to his eyes.

"Stop what you're doing!" he shouted in a voice not his own. Caroline slowly racked the phone and stepped around her desk, closer to him.

"Michael? Are you--"

"You're not welcome here," he boomed. "This area is restricted. If you can hear my voice then you know that Michael is a special boy. Go no farther. Stop what you're doing! You're not welcome here."

He repeated the message three times before stopping. The light went out of his eyes and he returned to the calm hypnotic state into which Caroline had lulled him previously. "What the hell was that?" Caroline thought to herself. She approached him, cautiously, as if he were going to jump out of the chair where he sat in stasis.

"Michael? Who's voice was that?"

"I don't know what you mean, Doctor," he replied. She continued to press but he couldn't shed any light onto the performance she had just witnessed until she asked, "Michael, before our first session together had you ever been hypnotized"

"Yes, Doctor."

She couldn't believe what a fool she had been! No wonder he had been such an easy subject. He'd been primed by a previous hypnotist.

"Who hypnotized you?" she asked.

"Lady Jessica," he responded.

"Tell me more about her."

His eyes took on the eerie light again and his voice changed as he said, "Stop what you're doing! You're not welcome here. This area is restricted. If you can hear my voice then you know that Michael is a special boy. Go no farther."

"Who are you?" Caroline asked, more to herself than to Michael. "Lady Jessica?"

"Yes," came the voice in answer.

She stammered. She imagined that there was an auto response system set up. It was just a matter of figuring out the right questions to ask.

"Who are you?"

"Michael's owner."

"Did you create Wendy?"

"Wendy has always been in there. I helped make her the girl she is though." This was followed by a wicked laugh that sounded entirely wrong coming through Michael.

"Can I talk to you in person?"

Michael repeated a telephone number three times and then ceased all communications. Caroline was unable to get him to respond to anything apart from the sequence she used to bring him out of trance. She tried using one of the trigger words on him after he was awake but it didn't produce a response.

After dismissing Michael, Caroline was on the phone to Charles within minutes. They reviewed the video recording of the session together that afternoon. Charles was distraught, worried about the investor meeting where they had planned to use Michael/Wendy as a bonus incentive for all those who took a share in their enterprise, providing their hypnoslave to investors on weekends, pre-programmed to indulge in their favorite fetishes.

Not even sure if the number they had was still valid, Caroline and Charles called the mysterious Lady Jessica. She initially sounded suspicious when Caroline asked for "Jessica" but immediately responded when she was told that Michael had provided her phone number.

"Ahhh, how is my darling doing?" she asked.

They agreed to meet and discuss their common interests that evening.

The Herzogs and Lady Jessica sat down to coffee in the Herzogs' town house. Slightly older than Caroline Herzog, Lady Jessica was a stately woman who obviously took good care of herself. She had a thick head of black hair with a few shafts of silver highlights. Her posture and the three inch heels on her boots put her even with Charles's six-foot stature. She sat, politely sipping her black coffee, pinky out, while listening to Caroline describe her sessions with Michael and how she had come to discover his feminine persona and how they had used Wendy for their own pleasure.

After a while of this along with some more pleasant conversation, Lady Jessica set down her coffee, straightened her skirt, and asked, "How much money have you been making from Michael?"

Charles looked to Caroline, who chuckled and asked, "Whatever do you mean?"

"There's no sense in pussy footing around this," Lady Jessica responded coolly. "Think of Michael as a two way transmitter. I've heard nearly everything you've told me today from his perspective, albeit colored through his perception while in trance state. What you've neglected to disclose is the video equipment, the website, the backers, and the investor meeting for which you're preparing. I'm aware of all of it. I want to see your books and come to some kind of understanding before you continue to milk the cash cow."

Caroline nodded to Charles who provided a full accounting of their business dealings. After some negotiation, the three of them came to an understanding. Lady Jessica placed a phone call to Michael, triggering him and summoning him to the Herzogs'. When they heard the knock at the door, Lady Jessica reached into her purse and removed a mask which she donned, making her look like "The Lone Dominatrix."

Charles led Michael into the living room and Lady Jessica commanded the young man to strip. "He's not allowed to wear clothes around me. He has to know his place," she said, smiling.

Lady Jessica began speaking to Michael in a series of clipped tones that didn't sound like any language that Caroline or Charles had ever heard. Within moments, she turned to the couple and announced, "He's back to where you left him. If you'd like me to program the new commands, I can do that as well." Caroline nodded and Lady Jessica spoke a few more curt commands which Michael acknowledged.

"Now, I have a request of you," Lady Jessica said to Caroline. "I want to see Wendy in action with you and your husband in person. I've had it described to me, but I want to witness it first hand."

"Certainly." Turning to Michael she said, "Whorebait."

Michael crawled to Caroline and heeled next to her knees. "Daddy needs his cocked sucked, honey. Do you think you can do that for him?"

"Oh, yes Mommy," he said with a feminine lilt to his voice. "Thank you!"

He quickly crawled to Charles who was removing his pants. Michael licked his lips in anticipation and quickly gobbled Charles's hardening cock as soon as it was free of his underwear.

"She's rather an adept cocksucker," Caroline confided to Lady Jessica. The two women watched as Michael/Wendy brought Charles to orgasm.

"Good job, Wendy," Caroline cooed.

"Come here, Wendy. I have something for you to wash that down with," said Lady Jessica. She scooted to the edge of the couch and hiked up her skirt, showing her lack of undergarments. Seeing Lady Jessica's shaved cunt, Michael crawled quickly to her.

He latched onto her cunt just seconds before she released a stream of urine into his waiting mouth, swallowing her nectar in big, thirsty gulps. Caroline and Charles looked on and smiled, seeing their slave do something that they had not yet tried (though they knew a few of their clients would want). "Don't miss a drop," chided Lady Jessica. "You don't want to get any on Mommy and Daddy's carpet."

After her bladder was empty and she was licked clean, Lady Jessica moved forward and pushed Michael's working tongue into her asshole.

"Ahhhh, this is my favorite thing for him to do," she sighed. "I've been training him to be the kind of slave that can be enjoyed since he was a young man. By the way, I like that you call yourselves Mommy and Daddy around Michael. It's important for a boy to have a loving family. I should know, since Michael is my nephew."

This was to be the start of a rather lucrative operation between some of the most important people in Michael's life.


Anonymous said...

How deliciously devious!
Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Very Nice! And I'm obviously flattered. But I like where you took it. It has a nice twist. You should do one about the male doctor.