Feb 25, 2009

Suddenly Prolific

Not that anyone does but if anyone were to be following this blog then they might see that I've become really prolific in the last few weeks. Is this due to sudden influx of nookie? Alas, no. I'm not really sure how I can explain what's going on as I'm not quite sure myself.

I think that this sudden increase of writing is filling a void that I currently have in my life. I'm between projects on the "clean" side of my life and have had a few tales rattling around in my noggin for a while. It seemed a good time to let those stories tell themselves and that's what has happened.

Anyone who truly knows me should have realized already that I'm OCD. I have to be working on something at all times; be it an article about BDSM/Fetish doumentaries, a piece about talking genitals, or a story of a lesbian truckdriver. I can't not have my mind occupied with something.

In short, I hope that readers are enjoying the new wave of content!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep it up!

We are definitely not complaining! ;)