Feb 21, 2009

High School Bully Part 2

The following is a sequel to this story.

"Tony, you have a lot of explaining to do," said Mrs. Fox as she laid something down on the kitchen table as Tony ate his dinner.

When he saw what his mother had laid down, Tony's heart sank and a flood of adrenaline washed through his system. Where the fuck had she gotten these? He was looking down at a series of Polaroids he'd taken of that little faggot, Mike, dressed up the way Tony liked best, in Laura's cheerleading outfit. But where could Tony's mother gotten these? Unless they fell behind the couch or...

"Well?" she demanded. "Do you want to tell me what the hell you've been doing after school down in the rec room?"

Tony tried to think of a lie that could explain what he was looking at but nothing was coming to him until, "Oh, Mom, that's nothing. That's this kid I go to school with. He's in Drama Club and that's something he was wearing for a play he was in."

"And what was the play about?" she asked, laying down another photograph, this one of Mike on his knees with a cock in his mouth taken from the side.

She sighed and sat next to her son. "It's okay, Tony. I'm not mad at you. I just want to know what's going on in my house when I'm not around. Who is this boy and what is he doing for you?"

The sight of her six foot four, musclebound son starting to tear up was slightly disconcerting to Olivia Fox but she would dry his tears like she always did, pull him to her and hush him eventually. She'd been taking care of Tony on her own for over ten years since her divorce. But, for now, she tried to ignore Tony's tears and await the truth about the pictures she'd found.

Eventually, Tony choked out a partly factual recollection of how he had come to talk one of his classmates into coming over and dressing up and, well, one thing led to another, and this classmate ended up seducing Tony and, well, it'll never happen again.

"Don't lie to me, Tony. I know you better than that. This is still going on, isn't it?" She said it more like a statement than a question.


"Good. That's fine. It's important for a young man to experiment. And it looks like you've got this other boy doing anything you want him to do."

Tony smiled at the thought of this, knowing just how true it was. "Yeah."

"Good. When will he be over next?"

"Tomorrow afternoon."

"Tell him to make it tomorrow afternoon. I want to meet this boy of yours."

"But, mom?" he stammered, perplexed.

"Just do it, Tony, for me."

Mike was slightly taken aback by the change of schedule when coming over to Tony's house but knew he couldn't ask the reason why. He wasn't allowed to ask Tony anything. He followed strict rules. He entered the Fox home through the back door, proceeding directly to the basement rec room where he found an outfit laid out for him. It was one of Tony's favorites; a simple white slip with white panties and bra.

He kneeled down, his head resting on the ground, ass up in the air. It could be thirty seconds or thirty minutes before Tony would join him, he never knew which or what mood Tony would be in when he finally arrived. He could be what Mike thought of as "Boyfriend Tony" where Mike would be treated like a "lady", kissed, caressed, and pampered or if it would be "Nightmare Tony" who would leave Mike bedraggled, bruised, and bloody... or some incarnation between the two.

He heard the click clack of what sounded lick high heels coming down the stairs and he wondered what interesting footwear Tony might have on. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a woman's voice say, "You must be Mike."

He looked up to see a lovely older woman at the base of the stairs. She was blond, buxom, and dressed in just a brassiere, panties, and heels. "I'm Mrs. Fox. You can call me Olivia... if I allow you to talk."

She stepped to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, feeling the silky material of the slip. He shuddered with her touch and this made her smile.

From your reaction, I could gather that you like girls, is that true?"

"Yes Missus... er... Olivia."

"That's good. That will make this a little less painful for you... in some aspects." She stood in front of him, took his head in her hand, and pulled in into her crotch. His mouth opened instinctively and breathed in the aroma of her arousal, feeling her panties against his lips.

She sat on the couch in front of him, the same place where Tony had so often sat and gave Mike his dick to suck on. Now it was Tony's mother who leaned back and pulled down her panties, showing Mike her trimmed brunette pussy. She pointed to her sex and commanded him, "Go down."

He crawled to her and began licking her pussy, tasting the wonderful flavor of Olivia. He worked his tongue as best he could, having never pleasured a woman before. His sole sexual experience had been sucking off this woman's son.

He found what he figured had to be Olivia's clitoris. She moaned and he felt her push herself into his tongue. He began sucking on it, imagining it to be a much smaller version of Tony's cock. She moaned and leaned her head back. "Put your fingers in me," she said.

He fumbled his digits around her vulva until he found the entrance to her opening. As he slid one finger in, he found another opening with another finger and pushed into that as well. She squealed and then purred, "You kinky little shit..."

He pushed in and out of her while he licked, trying not to lose the rhythm he was falling into, matching the rise and fall of her hips. She groaned low and loud, startling him a bit. Her hips raised up hard, hitting him in the face with her sex, spreading the wetness across his mouth, chin, and nose. She convulsed, her moan becoming a staccato squeal. Suddenly this sound was muted as she clamped her thighs around his head, pulling him against her sex roughly, his tongue locked against her clitoris.

She shuddered, unlocked her legs and pushed his face away. He came out of the cave of her thighs to hear her panting. His face was wet with her. He licked what he could off of his chin and lips, tasting the tang of female and enjoying its unique flavor. He kept his eyes on her sex, studying it, wanting to know its secrets.

He jumped just a little when he heard the noise behind him. It meant that there was someone else in the room. It used to be that he would have turned his head to look but Tony had trained him to keep his head forward, eyes down, unless he was told to do otherwise. Olivia looked at Mike, still staring at her vagina, and smiled. "You trained him well, honey," she said.

"Now," she said, sitting up, her elbows on the back of the couch, her legs still spread wide, "Show me what you like to do with him."

"Come here, bitch," Tony said in the voice that belied him being a third year senior.

Obediently, Mike crawled to him, moving across the area rug to where Tony stood, hands on his hips, looking down and smirking. Yet, behind the smirk was a nervousness that Mike had only ever seen once.

A few months prior when Tony's girlfriend, Laura, unexpectedly dropped by, Tony had to stop Mike from fellating his cock and had locked him in the basement utility room. Tony left and came back with Laura. The two of them chatted and then began making out, all the while as Mike watched.

Laura, a lovely girl of 18, had a muscular physique honed from years of Varsity basketball and JV cheerleading. She was a blond with a natural wave to her hair. Her naturally big breasts were often accented by a wide selection of sweaters. Tony had his hand up under her blue and black argyle and she moved her body closer to him. She moved her hand up from his knee to his crotch and Mike could see the familiar bulge in Tony's jeans. He watched as Laura massaged that lump and he was transfixed, anticipating seeing Tony from afar, wondering if this is what Tony would want him to do later, or the next day. Would Tony have him dress in the same way, massage his cock like Laura was doing now?

She had unzipped Tony's fly and his cock came out. Mike realized that Tony hadn't put his underwear back on and wondered if Laura had noticed. Then he saw something that panicked him; his lipstick was a smear around the base of Tony's cock. He watched as Laura's hand massaged Tony's manhood, circling the base, right around the ring of lipstick where Mike's lips had been not even a half hour before.

Tony's other arm moved around Laura and began undoing her jeans. Laura leaned back into him, continuing to stroke him while they kissed deeply. Tony continued palming her breasts with one hand while his other moved down into her pants. Mike could tell when he Tony found her clitoris -- she jumped and moaned, her hand grasping Tony's manhood tighter.

Tony moved his mouth to her neck. Laura began moving against his hand, still stroking him with one hand and lifted up her shirt with the other. Mike was thrilled to see her breasts which had been bared by Tony, lifting up her bra. Laura began tweaking her right nipple as Tony worked the other one.

Tony moved his mouth to Laura's ear and whispered something to her. She nodded breathlessly, stood up and shucked her pants. Mike was enthralled, watching as she bent over, pulling down her underwear. He started stroking his cock through the panties Tony had put him in.

Laura got down onto the floor on all fours and Tony got down behind her. He rolled a rubber down his manhood and slid it confidently into her. Mike watched from his hiding place, looking at the pleasure on Laura's face as Tony moved behind her. He saw her hands grasping at the air, her breasts swaying, her mouth open, gasping for breath as he plowed into her.

Tony knew where Mike was, of course, and looked right into his eyes. Mike felt his cock harden even more in his panties, as if Tony were fucking him by proxy, by fucking Laura. Tony nodded slightly, telling Mike, "This is what I'll do to you some day." This sent Mike over the edge. He began cumming in his panties, a wet spot darkening the white cotton. He stifled a groan that came anyway but not from his mouth, from Tony's. Tony moaned and grunted as he dumped his load into his condom, filling up Laura even more.

After his orgasm, Mike was completely appalled, having realized for the first time that his horror of serving Tony had turned into something else, something that he needed, if not enjoyed. He waited in shame as Tony and Laura cuddled after sex and watched a little television before Tony walked her up the stairs and out of the house. All the while, Mike watched how Tony interacted with Laura and imagined himself being in her place. This filled him with dread and shame.

Mike was awakened from his remembrance by the smack that landed on his cheek. "I asked you what kind of girl you are," Tony demanded, standing over him.

"I'm a slutty girl, Sir," he replied, rote but sincere.

"And whose girl are you?"

"Yours, Sir."


This last question was something new and something to which Mike didn't know the answer. For his hesitation, he received a blow to the other cheek. "And your mother?" he guessed.

"Yes," Tony said, smiling his crooked smile. "You're as much hers as you are mine. You are to refer to her as Lady Olivia, because she is a Lady and you have to respect her. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now crawl back over to her."

I went back to her, still sitting on the edge of the couch, her legs still spread wide. She patted her thighs, signaling him to come back to her pussy. He was intrigued by the idea of tasting her again, wondering if every woman tasted the same, imagining what it would be like to taste Laura's pussy, but glad to be between Olivia's... Lady Olivia's.... legs.

Her sex had cooled since he had crawled away and he noticed that it seemed smaller than when he'd been between her legs only moments before. He hoped to learn more of the mysteries of the female by serving her and wondered what this newfound owner would require from him.

For now, she wanted him to lick her again. He did so, with vigor. She placed her hand on his head and pushed him away just a bit, "Not so fast. Easy. Easy. Lick me nice and slow."

He eased up, letting his tongue wander to places other than her clitoris, feeling the fur under his lips, the folds of her skin under his tongue. And then he felt the hands on his hips, peeling down his panties. He felt his knees being pushed apart. He felt something probing him and he gasped. In all the months that he'd served Tony, he had only had his mouth opened to his superior but, since that time of watching Laura and Tony together, he had hoped to give Tony more, to win more favor, to prove how far he was willing to go. This scared him; admitting that he actually found pleasure in his predicament and wanting to dive deeper.

And now, it seemed that he was about to take the next step. Mike was deeply conflicted, at once joyous, terrified, and filled with dread. The probing, slick and cold around his anus, stopped. He felt disappointed and relieved and began licking Lady Olivia deeper, finding the entrance to her vagina and putting his tongue into her as far as he could. He wondered how it felt.

As if in answer, he felt a warm, hard, insistence against his anus. The pressure began to build. There was a discomfort that was verging on pain. Mike didn't want it, but he did. He tried to pay attention to Lady Olivia's sex and let what happen to happen. "Shhh shhh shhh, just let it happen," she said, stroking his head and pushing him deeper into her.

He willed himself to open for Tony but his nerves wouldn't relent. He felt the pressure pushing, pushing, pushing. He began pushing back, finding the rhythm. It was like something splintered inside of him -- in his bottom and in his head. He was flooded with pain and also satisfaction. As he felt Tony enter him, he knew that he had just gone farther, reached a new level with his superior, his Master.

He realized he was gasping, taking in the heady scent of Lady Olivia. This odor would forever remind him of his place in the world. He pictured how he must look, putting himself back in his hiding space and seeing the world from there; his face buried in Lady Olivia's crotch while Tony fucked him from behind, spreading his ass and going deeper with each stroke.

Lady Olivia pulled his head up, putting his tongue on her clitoris. He began licking her in time with Tony's thrusts. She began to make the moans that Mike heard before. He felt her clitoris getting bigger under his tongue. Again, she clasped her thighs around his head. Despite this, he could hear the muffled groans coming from behind him where, impossibly, it felt like Tony was getting even bigger inside of him.

Tony grabbed Mike around the hips even harder, pulling him deep onto his cock. He had never fucked Mike before, keeping that from himself because of the fear that doing so would make him as much of a fag as the little bitch riding his cock. Tony's mother assured him that it was fine and that fucking Mike this was didn't make him gay at all. It was his right. He was in charge and could use his bitch in any way he saw fit. As he got closer to cumming, he was glad that his mother had given him new perspective. It was still weird, seeing her on the end of his bitch, but she asked to be a part of this, to also use his bitch. It was weird... but he'd get over it.

Olivia knew that her son was enjoying himself, and so was she. It'd been so long since she'd had any kind of attention below the belt and it felt wonderful. Watching Tony thrusting and feeling the fag's tongue on her clit, she imagined that Tony was fucking her. This idea put her over the edge. She grabbed Mike's head and pulled him against her, her hips bucking against his mouth.

Hearing his mother starting to orgasm and feeling Mike bucking against him, Tony started to orgasm, filling his bitch's ass with his hot load, feeling the bitch's ass milking it out of him. He began spanking Mike's bitch ass and each slap made Mike's ass grab at Tony's cock even tighter until he had let every drop of his orgasm leave his cock.

Olivia and Tony, mother and son, were spent. They were also slightly embarrassed, being in their states of undress. Tony quickly got up and got his boxers back on while Olivia wrapped a robe around her. The two looked down at their slave, his chin wet with Olivia's juices while Tony's cum dripped out of his ass. Olivia went into the laundry room and got a towel which she left next to Mike. The Foxes left him to clean himself up and return the next time Tony or Olivia called him.

Despite feeling broken and battered, Mike also felt a certain satisfaction. Just like Laura, Tony had fucked him. He felt one step closer to being Tony's girl.

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