Feb 5, 2009

A Strange Coincidence

It's strange how small this whole wide world can be. I often find myself cringing when I think about all of the efforts I made to separate my current life from my former one -- that of my first marriage when I was an emotional wreck (moreso than now) -- only to find that I'm just one person removed from my ex-wife on my Facebook.

Another strange coincidence came up today. I'll admit that, occasionally, I do searches on Google to see what people are up to that have left my life. Sometimes this is made easier by the fact that some of these folks are easily Googleable including an author whose wife I used to sleep with. A Google search of him turned up that he's working at a school in a nearby school district -- the same district where my ex-wife began teaching the last year we were together.

This leaves me to wonder if they ever talk to each other and if they're aware of how closely connected they are -- their spouses formerly fucking like bunnies.

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