Feb 11, 2009

Gift for Daddy

"I brought you a present, Daddy," Stephanie said, giggling, as we stood on the porch in the run-down neighborhood in the industrial part of town. The man standing inside was in the shade inside of the house and I squinted to get a look at him.

"Eyes down," Stephanie hissed, elbowing me. I did as she said and smiled inwardly. She was usually very submissive and proper when we were together and I felt the power balance shifting already.

The door opened and I followed her in. Despite the disheveled city block, this house was immaculate inside and out. This was surprising, for some reason, but the real surprise came when we went down the carpeted stairs to the basement which was a fully-stocked dungeon; a St. Andrew's cross in one corner, a cage, a wall of whips, paddles, etc. I tried to take in as much as I could with my head down, following Stephanie's shapely bottom and legs into her Daddy's domain.

I had met Stephanie over ten years before and we had played together many times. A transsexual, I only ever spoke of her in feminine terms. Thus, I never sucked her "cock" per se but I loved the feel of her "clit" in my mouth. She had been in the service of her Daddy for a little over a year. I didn't know much about him but knew he pleased Stephanie to no end. When she asked me to serve as a present to him for his birthday, I simply had to consent.

"Take off your clothes and kneel here," she said, turning to me and indicating a mat on the floor.

The air may have been a little cold but the real chill I got from stripping in front of a stranger. I set my clothes aside and kneeled.

"Look upon me, slave," came a low growl from accross the room. I raised my eyes to see Stephanie kneeling at the side of a high-backed wooden chair. Hell, it was a throne, really. The man sitting there was older, maybe in his sixties, with gray streaking his black hair. He was in incredible shape, his arms and chest well defined. He was shirtless but seemed to be wearing black leather pants that clung to him in all the right places, even while sitting.

He turned to Stephanie and asked her, "Are you prepared to come out of chastity to do my bidding?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said meekly, barely louder than a whisper. He wore several keys on a bracelet. She stood next to him, lifting her skirt to expose her "clit" encased in a plastic device. He unlocked the base and removed the shell. As soon as the air hit her, her clit began to swell.

"Tell Me more about what you've brought Me," he commanded.

"This submissive," she announced, "is a sissy and a slut. It loves to suck cock, eat pussy, and be fucked. Moreover, it loves when you tell it just what a worthless tramp it is. You can see, Sir, that its little cock is getting hard just by my talking about it."

"Show Me how much it likes to suck My girl's clitty," he said, chuckling.

She came to me, her clit tenting her skirt. My eyes went north to her eyes, seeing the mischievous look there. She hiked up her skirt, put her hand on the back of my head, and proceeded to rub herself across my face. My eyes closed and my mouth opened expectantly.

"Beg for it," he said. This sent a shiver down my spine. It was enough to fellate Stephanie, but it was another to admit how much I wanted to do it.

And, I wanted it. I wanted to feel the soft skin of the head of her clitty inside my mouth. I wanted to feel the heat of the blood-engorged member. I wanted to feel full of her. I felt empty without it. I swallowed hard, licking my lips, and croaked, "I want to suck you, Stephanie."

"What was that?" he said, loudly from across the room while Stephanie continued to tease me, rubbing her clit around my open mouth, like circling a drain.

"I... I.... I want to suck Stephanie," I said. "Please... I... I want it... I need it. Please."

With each "please" I felt Stephanie getting harder.

Of course, the pauses and the hesitation were all for show. I wanted to devour her, to pull her into my mouth and pleasure her.

She looked to her Daddy and he nodded his ascent. Quickly, I was gifted with the feeling of her pushing past my lips and over my tongue. My lips locked onto her and she began pushing herself deeper into my waiting maw.

She found a rhythm and was thrusting her hips in time, fucking my mouth. My eyes were closed and I was loving the feeling of being used by her, especially while being observed by the stately man across from us.

Using me in front of her Daddy -- and being out of chastity -- must have been doing something for Stephanie as well for she was getting near orgasm much faster than I had hoped. I loved the feel of her in me and wanted it to go on for longer but I felt her testicles tightening and heard her breathing deepen.

"That's enough for now, girl," he said. I was amazed at Stephanie's ability to stop. She pulled out, a thin line of saliva going from my mouth to her clit momentarily; leaving my mouth feeling emptier than it had ever been.

"Did it do well, girl?" he asked, leaning forward on his throne, looking closer at her saliva-covered clit.

"Yes, Daddy. Very well," she replied, catching her breath.

He looked at me and said, "Crawl to Me."

I made my way across the floor, moving from the mat to the cold tiling, my erect penis bobbing between my legs as I went.

As I arrived at his throne, he stood up. I saw the large lump in his leather pants and licked my lips. "Undo My pants," he commanded.

I unbuckled his belt, undid his buttons, and unzipped his fly. It took everything I had to not yank down his pants immediately.

He fished his cock out of his pants and I was hit with the heady smell of man and leather. I opened my mouth in anticipation and he chuckled. He began slapping me in the face with his hardening cock, across each cheek. With each hit, his cock got harder and, eventually, he began to leak pre-cum which wet my face, making me look like I had been crying thick goopy tears.

The slapping was driving me crazy. It was arousing, being abused with his cock, but I wanted him in my mouth... I wanted to taste that pre-cum on my tongue.

Without warning, he pushed himself into my mouth, shoving himself as deep as he could go. I choked a big but quickly began swallowing, trying to get him into my throat comfortably. He was relentless, pushing deep, pulling me nearly off of him, and then plunging back into my willing orifice.

Now my eyes were actually watering, trying not to choke as he fucked my mouth, his hands locked behind my head. His cock felt like a tennis ball atop a rubber hose, pushing deeper and deeper into my throat.

As suddenly as he had invaded me, he pulled out, rubbing his wet cock against my face. "Stephanie, get into your swing," he said. Looking down at me he said, "We're going to see just how much of a little bitch you are."

He put a lead around my neck and made me crawl behind him across the room to where Stephanie was now sitting in a strap and chain contraption into which he bound her. Beside this, strung between four sturdy beams, was another similar set-up into which he had me lie.

I felt like a fly being cocooned into a web as he secured several straps around my joints. Within moments I was fully immobilized and with the movement of two levers I was moved up towards the ceiling two feet and my legs were pulled up and around my head, successfully folding me in half.

I heard more chains rattling and soon saw Stephanie come into view. She was being hoisted above me and slowly lowered like an engine block being dropped into a car. Her half hard clit was being dropped into my mouth where I greedily accepted it.

All of my concentration was dedicated to her, despite the discomfort I was in, until I felt the stinging pain pull me out of my reverie. He was striking my bare, exposed thighs and buttocks with something that sent sharp pain throughout me after singing a whipping song through air.

With each blow, I tried to not cry out and lose my purchase on Stephanie's clit. Instead, I whimpered around her as he rained down blows on my sensitive flesh. The pain seemed to layer itself along my body getting heavier with each blow and weighing me down. Tears were streaming from my eyes again as I shut them tight and sucked harder, using Stephanie's clit as my escape valve from the real world. Soon everything just became focused on her and giving her pleasure, even while pain screamed through my body.

He stopped beating my hindquarters. The pain was replaced by the soothing pleasure of his hands over my body. This was his first tender touch and, contrasted against the pain, felt even more wonderful. Oddly, though he wasn't hurting me, I felt even more helpless and exposed than I had when he was beating me. This made the feel of his cock against my asshole even more of a shock.

He grunted and shoved into me, rough and fast, causing me to cry out around Stephanie's clit. I clamped my mouth back down around her, taking comfort in her hardness. Meanwhile, he began plowing into me, back and forth. Stephanie and I began to swing and sway as he fucked my bottom. Stephanie's clit in my mouth felt like a rudder while his fucking felt like a motor, pushing all of us along.

Stephanie was pushing deeper and deeper into me, above me, and soon her Daddy drove her straight to orgasm. I felt and tasted the salty sweet flavor of her cum on the back of my tongue as she pumped her orgasm into me. My throat worked to drink her down. This only seemed to further increase the insistent pounding in my ass.

He grabbed my calves, giving him more leverage as he continued fucking me. Stephanie removed her cock from my mouth and scooted her bottom over me, giving me access to her tight and tender asshole. I tongued her in time with her Daddy's thrusts.

He pulled me into him violently, his fingers digging into my flesh, and I felt him unleash his orgasm into me, filling me.

He slid his cum-covered cock out of me, leaving my asshole to gape and plead for his return. I heard chains rattling and Stephanie was raised up and off of my face before being lowered down next to me. She was given her Daddy's cock to clean.

After she had licked every drop of his cum from his still-engorged member, he undid her bonds and left my field of vision. Stephanie knelt, waiting patiently, until by some hidden signal, she stood up and allowed my legs to stretch out before releasing the straps that held me in place.

She helped me up and showed me a shower where I could clean up. As I stood in the stall, moments later, I could look out of the glass door and see myself in the full-length mirror across from me. I looked at the red stripes that crossed from behind my knees all the way to slightly above my buttocks. I could also see the eight half moon cuts on my calves where Stephanie's Daddy had grasped me so tight when he came that he'd cut into my skin with his fingernails.

Playing the hostess, Stephanie brought me a towel when I was through and helped me dry off. As I dressed she told me that she had spoken to her Daddy while I was showering and he complimented her on the gift she had brought to him. "Perhaps, someday, He'll let you play with us again," she said. I hope that day comes soon!

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