Feb 24, 2009

Video Nasty

The only thing stranger than coming home that summer between one's Freshman and Sophomore years at college is coming home between the Sophomore and Junior year. By this time, most of your high school friends have faded into memory or moved on and college was providing more of one's social circle.

I had an obligation to come home to help take care of the family business, working for at my uncle's bakery. It was fairly grueling work; getting up at 4AM to start baking. In the summer heat, the shop could get up to the low hundreds and stay there all day. By the time I hung up my apron at 3PM, I was whipped.

Even if all my old friends had been around, I didn't have much time or energy for socializing. As it was, I didn't see a familiar face until the first Saturday I was home when I stopped by the local Mom & Pop video store. Manning the counter was Gabby Haynes, not necessarily one of my old friends but an acquaintance who often ran with the same crowd I did. Gabby had definitely blossomed in the two years since graduation. She'd grown out her blond hair from her old bob and had lost her "baby fat." She was so tan with teeth so white that she could have been wearing a sash that said "Ms. All-American" and I wouldn't have blinked.

"Where's Sue?" I asked. This was the old joke. For years, you couldn't see Gabby without seeing Sue. As wholesome as Gabby looked, Sue was trashy. The two were cast from opposite molds. Sue was a pale, towering brunette with tattoos (before they became fashionable). Against all odds, the two had become fast friends in high school. They took to referring to each other as twins (as the Schwarzenegger and DeVito comedy was popular at the time) and to see one without the other was a rarity.

"Right here!" came Sue's voice, and the three of us started laughing. I followed the sound of her, going behind the beaded curtain of the video store's adult area. She was straightening tapes and dusting shelves. Seeing some of the covers, I immediately began to blush beet red. I wasn't much of a porn purveyor in those days and had never been in a room filled to the gills with half-naked women on video covers with a real female present. If Sue noticed my discomfort, she didn't note it then but, instead, went out of the beaded door with me following quickly behind.

The three of us hung out by the video store's counter, chatting when Gabby was waiting on the occasional customer. We made plans for the following night. With none of us old enough to drink (Sue was closest to 21 with just two months to go), we ended up at the local Denny's, the old haunt from our high school days.

We caught up and hashed over old times. Our common ground was film; we used to spend hours together in high school watching crappy movies with our gang. Gabby and Sue maintained their love of it through their job while I had joined the cinema society at school.

"Do you know what we should do?" asked Gabby rhetorically. "We should go rent the most fucked up movie we can find and watch it tonight."

A barrage of suggested titles followed until Sue started tapping her palms on the table and said, "I know, I know, I know! We should make it a porn film. You should see some of the stuff in the adult room." In hushed, excited tones she began describing some of the more outrageous titles and scenarios. Edward Penishands, The Itty Bitty Titty Committee, Big Pussies, Joined at the Clit...

"Wait, what?"

"Joined at the Clit is about these two Siamese twin girls--"

"Is that four girls or two?" Gabby asked.

"Two. They're twins."

"Are they really joined...?" I asked, pointing at below the edge of the table.

"I don't know. That's the title but who knows what's really going on," giggled Sue.

Soon it was agreed, Joined at the Clit would be our viewing fare for the evening.

Using her sister's ID, Sue hooked us up with some beer and Gabby used one of her free rentals. I provided the viewing area as my folks were out of town for the weekend. Once we settled in for the film, the embarrassment from the day before came back a hundredfold. I had watched a lot of strange films while Gabby and Sue were around but never anything entirely pornographic. The closest we had gotten to porn in our previous viewings was a collection of "psychotronic" trailers for things like The Young Seducers, The Smut Peddler, Strange Rampage, and Jail Bait Babysitter. As soon as Joined at the Clit began, so did the nudity and sex.

Luckily, the laughter also began.

Joined at the ClitThe two main characters, the "Siamese twins", were two women in similar wigs with a thin strip of what looked like latex and spirit gum connecting them at the hip. This connection had the profound ability to allow one girl to "orgasm" while the other girl was having sex. It also seemed to make them say the same bad dialog in tandem with the same lackluster acting ability.

Despite the painful performances and cheap special effects, I still found myself getting aroused. This only increased when Gabby got up, speaking slightly louder than she usually did (the beer affecting her volume), took off her blouse, and held out her hand to Sue. "C'mere, let's be Siamese twins."

Sue got up and doffed her top as well. If they were aware I was there, or cared, they didn't show it. The held their sides together, Gabby putting her fist between them as if it were their "connector flesh". They began mimicking the clunky script from the movie.

Holding up her hand, Gabby asked me, "This isn't going to work at all. Do you have something better? Like a tie or a something?"

Thankful that the lights were relatively low (because of the hard-on in my pants), I went to the back of the bathroom door and got the belt from my bathrobe. Gabby wrapped this around her and Sue, pulling the two girls together tightly before tying it off. They turned to the television, as if to survey their work and compare themselves to the girls on screen.

The "Siamese twins" on screen were buck naked and seducing the doctor who wanted to surgically separate the girls. Taking their cue from their on-screen counterparts, Gabby and Sue stripped off their pants and underpants. Their "bond" made doing so a little bit of a challenge, making them look a little less coordinated than a three-legged race.

They were between the television and me, giving me quite a show. To be honest, I really didn't know what was going on, what had gotten into them. But I also wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth but I was going to look two cute girls in the bum as they bent over to remove their underwear. I was feeling a bit overdressed and, for just a second, I wondered if it would be appropriate to disrobe as well but didn't want to disrupt the show I was getting.

They turned back to me. Shuffling, really. Seeing the two of them, naked and side by side with the baby blue belt from my robe tied around them, was an interesting blend of sexy and comical. Sue, the tall goth with tattoos and big boobs, next to Gabby, slight, wholesome, tanned and tiny. No matter how different they looked, though, they both had the same lascivious look in their eyes.

"Doctor, is there anything you can do for us?" they said in unison.

Gabby started, "We don't have the money--"

"--for the surgery," finished Sue.

With as much porn star panache as I could muster, I replied, "Well, ladies, I'm sure there are alternate means of payment can be negotiated." The cheesy music from the on-screen antics provided an appropriate soundtrack to what happened next as Sue and Abby shuffled to me and helped me take off my clothes.

I wouldn't realize until later (when the blood returned to my brain) that this whole thing had to have been some kind of a set-up. Sue and Gabby were repeating the crummy porn film lines perfectly, having had to rehearse them some time. It all fell together far too perfectly for this to just be accident. Why me? Was I convenient? I'd like to think it was something more but I don't have that big of an ego.

The absolute peculiarity of the situation didn't elude me, both that the girls were pretending to be a fake set of conjoined twins and that we were engaging in some lewd behavior when I couldn't even remember shaking their hand or giving them a hug, much less being stripped by their four fast hands.

As Gabby grabbed my cock; I realized just how real the situation was. Her fingers wrapped around me and she dived onto me like a dog going after a treat. I could feel her teeth biting at me, little nibbles all the way down the shaft. In the meantime, Sue cupped my balls and looked from Gabby to me, "She certainly gets into it, doesn't she?"

"Oh yes," I said, between ragged breaths. I was taken aback. In all the dirty stories I had read, the girls never talked in them. They did a lot of sucking and fucking but never had the wherewithal to have a conversation while it was all going on.

Gabby pulled me out of her mouth, a thick line of saliva connecting my cock to her lower lip. She pointed my cock towards Sue and said, "Your turn."

As rough as Gabby was, Sue was gentle. It seemed odd; the girl with the piercing through her tongue was sweetly suckling me while the peachy keen Gabby had been putting me through the wringer. Sue worked me slow and gentle while Gabby leaned lower and began biting at my balls.

Their styles were entirely different but completely complimentary. They each took me to new heights before switching, one ravaging me while the other soothed, and both making me feel wonderful in their own ways.

"What do you want to do now?" asked Sue.

This seemed to be the most difficult question I had ever faced. I didn't want to say something that would immediately stop everything and make the evening end horribly. And, truth be told, I couldn't think too well with all of the blood concentrated around my nether regions. Like a heavy dose of Sodium Pentothal, I blurted, "I'd really like to see you two kiss."

Gabby got a wry grin on her face and Sue shrugged before the two leaned in closer and began kissing. They made quite a show of it, tongues entwining and Gabby's eyes rolling back in her head. They broke their making out and Sue asked, "What next? Do you want to fuck us?"

"Sure!" I said, chortling a bit, as if I could refuse that offer.

"Fuck Gabby first," Sue said. She laid face down on the floor and Gabby maneuvered to lay down on top of her so that the "twins" were back to back, one on top of the other. Sue bent her knees and Gabby put her legs on these. The whole configuration looked like something that Chinese acrobats would do at the circus.

They were nearly vagina to vagina (though not "joined at the clit"). After putting on a rubber (Sue came well prepared), I got between their legs and entered into Gabby. Being a guy, I had fantasized about fucking Gabby before (and Sue, and every other female friend I had had in high school) but doing it was still strange when I never thought this would happen even a half hour before.

Looking down at her, I loved the way her little breasts looked as she laid back on Sue. She groaned so loudly as I entered her that I thought I had hurt her and nearly backed right out. Instead, she took my hands and put them onto her breasts. She began meeting my movements in and out of her and, when she sped up, I realized that it wasn't her actually meeting my thrusts but Sue, underneath her. It was as though Sue and I were fucking Gabby together.

I always thought that sex with multiple positions was only something porn stars did. I thought "real" people got into one position and went until orgasm. So, moving from oral to genital sex was already one change that I was used to. Imagine my surprise when Sue groaned, "My turn" from underneath Gabby.

I pulled out of the smaller of the two. She rolled off of Sue, who turned her head to me and said, "Doctor, I've always wanted to get on top of a man but have never been able to with my sister. Won't you please do the surgery?"

"Scalpel," I said, grabbing the end of the belt and pulling, undoing the knot that held them together.

"Ahhhh, freedom!" laughed Sue, turning over. "Lay down, doctor, I want to show my appreciation."

"What do you want me to do, Doctor?" Gabby asked. Again, I was torn, not wanting to answer "wrongly."

Gabby came close to me as I lay down and said, "Sue's not really into girls too much but I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I licked her clit while you were inside of her." I nodded, trying not to blow my wad right there.

In my limited sexual experience at the time, I'd never had a girl on top of me, especially not in the way Sue mounted me with her back to me. She leaned way back, her knees bent, and began lifting herself up and down on me. Meanwhile, true to her word, Gabby got between my legs and began manipulating Sue with her mouth. It was at that moment that I really wished I had one of those convenience store mirrors set up in my basement to see what Gabby was doing to make Sue groan so deeply.

Her groans quickly changed to something else entirely; little yips like an excited puppydog. She leaned back towards me even more and I felt her grasping at me with her insides. I could smell the strong scent of her shampoo as she began to get overheated. She shuddered and grunted, her orgasm coming fast and hard. She leaned forward, spent, moving Gabby away from her now over-sensitive clitoris. I could feel her still spasming on me as she slowly lifted herself off of me.

"How do you want to cum?" Gabby asked me, still kneeling between my legs.

"Oh, I don't care," I said truthfully. "I'd really like to make sure you cum, though. What can I do for you?" Two... or three, rather, can play at this question game.

"Lie back," she said.

She climbed over me and lowered her pussy to my face. I expected something gentle and sensuous. Instead, Gabby ground herself into my face with abandon, pushing my tongue hard against her clitoris. She clasped her thighs around my head, blocking my ears. I fully concentrated on the feel and taste of her, hoping that I was doing a good job at pleasing her.

Suddenly, I felt the cool wetness of what had to be Sue's mouth on my cock again. She began gently sucking at me. I tried to keep my mind fully on Gabby but it was difficult, to say the least.

I felt myself getting more and more aroused, Sue coaxing me closer to orgasm with the little licks from her tongue and stroking of her hand up and down my sex.

Gabby's pushing on my face took on a new urgency. I held my tongue hard and fast as she rubbed up against it. Her taste took on a new, delightful flavor as she began cumming. This was just the right thing to put me over the edge. I felt my own orgasm at the gates and knew Sue could tell this was happening. She removed her mouth from me and allowed her hands to take me over the edge. My own groans were muffled by Gabby's pussy while her own made the walls ring.

She stayed on top of me for a while longer and it took a good deal of self-control to not keep licking her, I enjoyed the sensation so much. She slowly came down from her orgasm while Sue used my cum as fingerpaint across my belly.

As Gabby got up and I felt the cool air of the basement on my overheated face, I felt a dread wash over me. I was afraid that Sue and Gabby might feel uncomfortable and disavow everything that had just happened, ruining our former friendship. My anxiety was for naught. The pair acted completely natural as if what had just happened were the most normal thing three former high school acquaintances could do.

Gabby fetched a few warm wet washcloths that she used on the three of us before we settled into a heap of naked bodies on the floor, touching each other with a newfound familiarity as we lay talking.

I never counted on another night like that one happening again: I didn't want to get my hopes up. But Gabby and Sue surprised me quite a few times throughout that summer with a wide variety of other strange adult films which we would act out in various ways.

The next summer wasn't as fun. The family business went under in the spring while I was at school, meaning that it made more sense for me to stick around campus and find a job there. Though I saw Gabby and Sue from time to time when I would come home for holidays, we didn't have any opportunities to reenact and other films for quite a few years.

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