Dec 18, 2006

Teaching the Teacher Part 2

My first time with Belladonna (under Red's supervision) was remarkable. She took quite a lot of queues from my "Teacher Story" and added quite a bit of other Red suggestions. There was "forced" feminization and a lot of sucking on Belladonna's brand new strap-on dildo.

Belladonna seemed like a natural. She looked so young that I almost asked for her ID to make sure I wasn't playing with someone younger than 18! It was strange to see such a young girl with such a knack for D/s. I swear, when I was sucking on her "cock" and she told me to "suck it like you suck your daddy's cock," I almost came right then and there.

Afterwards, we all cooled out and discussed. I had quite a few compliments and only a few observations of things she might want to do differently in the future such as working on the angle of penetration for her strap-on play. There's nothing worse than a misguided cock.

Red wanted more challenges for Belladonna and I took it upon myself to try and think of things that clients would want from her that I might not necessarily be inclined to ever ask for (or even really want personally). I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to experience a golden shower. It's not something I'm into so I wouldn't have been disappointed if Bell had a "shy bladder." My next story (posted soon) included such a scene in case she was in agreement with my assessment.

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