Dec 26, 2006

More about The Club

Just some clarifcation on The Club. I came up with the general feel and thin plot of "The Club" while stuck in rainy traffic listening to The Lords of Acid.

While this is a fantasy, like a lot of what I write, it takes a lot of nonfiction elements into its fold. Here we have a club that I used to attend when I was in high school and college downtown. Here, also, we have a Dominatrix named Mistress Lily. While I tend to change the names of folks in my tales, I kept this one the same as I didn't think it would do any harm. Consider it more of a tribute to 'the one that got away'.

I used to see Mistress Lily at various local Fetish events and she intrigued me greatly. She was a gorgeous, petite goth girl with a whipsmart personality. Some time later I became acquainted with her personally via We never met to play but went out to dinner several times. She was living in the city I was working and we'd meet, eat, and chat for hours at a time. Typical of my overgenerous self, I always paid for her dinner and usually gave her cash "donations" as she said she was in some financial straights. I thought we had a fairly good friendship going but around the time I changed jobs she moved and I haven't heard from her since. I hear she's married now and still in the scene but I don't go to fetish events any more and haven't seen her since.

But, just to clarify, I never engaged in any activity with Mistress Lily other than chatting and chewing. Maybe someday...

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