Dec 21, 2006

Born Every Minute

I'll admit right here and now that I'm a sucker. A toe sucker, a cock sucker, and a sucker as in the old adage that one is born every minute. That's me. I am fairly easy to take advantage of. Too easy at times.

I try not letting this happen, especially after my experiences with Mistress K.

I met this little Domme off of -- she seemed fun enough but always seemed to be in dire straits. It was always one emergency after another and I always seemed to be the only person that could help her out with "tribute money." She just had such a way about her -- like the little sister that I never had; the little crackhead sister who was getting into jams that I felt obligated to help her out of... Dumb, I know.

It's only fortune that made the last straw with her also coincide with her last hurrah in this state. I saw her on a Thursday at a local hotel. Rather than doing a D/s session (we had only had a few of those, most of our time together was in more of a Masseuse/client setting) she was acting more in the capacity of an escort. That was fine with me. It was nice to relax and be a little vanilla with her.

And, once again, after we were done she put her mental claws into me, spinning an elaborate tale of woe that soon snared me. She needed a car for the weekend; would I be so kind as to rent it for her? She'd pay for it, of course, after she was done. She just needed someone with a credit card to rent it...

Can you see where this is going? I trust that you're smart enough to jump ahead here and see that I ended up paying for it when she dropped the car back off. But what I should mention is that she returned it after a week and she wasn't even the person who returned it.

I was in Las Vegas and got a call from a strange woman. "I'm a friend of K's and she dropped off this car at my house today on her way to the airport... she said that I should keep it and drive it around for a few days but I just didn't trust her story." I'm so glad she didn't. I asked her if she could please drop the vehicle off at the rental place for me. When I tried to call her the next day to verify that she had, her number wouldn't work for me.

I ended up calling the rental place when I got back to town. The car had been out for ten days but was back in their keeping. My credit card was charged over a thousand dollars and K was now in another state -- a fugitive from... a lot of things.
After she was gone, I found out a lot of things about what had been happening to her in the last few weeks before her flight. I was looking at some of the local "Escort Boards" -- online forums for sex providers -- and found scads and scads of complaints about a "Serena Black" who had been taking guys' money and leaving them in the lurch (a "cash and dash"). I also found that she'd been in rehab for coke -- an addiction I inadvertantly helped fund due to my "generosity" (read stupidity).

I'm trying to change this part of me. I know that submissive and passive don't mean the same thing. When will I learn to avoid these kinds of situations where I feel obligated to help and end up being taken advantage of?

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