Dec 31, 2006

Dress Rehearsal

I was in California for a conference. It was deathly dull and my evenings were filled with lonely hours at the hotel bar followed by flipping through TV, reading, and then bed. This was my routine only to be disrupted on the third evening by a knock at the door followed by a note being slid underneath.

"Oh, great, the hotel must think I’m checking out tomorrow," I thought, picturing some confused phone calls to the front desk.

Rather than a bill, what I found was a handwritten note: "In front of your hotel. 7PM. Red Camry. Male driver. Get in back. Speak when spoken to." It was signed "DW" and I knew who it was from. I also knew that I had to obey.

As promised, there was a red Camry outside of my hotel the next day at 7PM. I went to it and the rear passenger door opened. Crawling inside I was greeted by a taut, tanned, tiny woman with an amazing body and sparkling emerald eyes. Her driver was a large, well-hewn man with a long goatee. He kept his eyes on the road and pulled out once I had shut my door. It took a lot for me not to engage in pleasantries. I knew that I was in relatively "safe" hands as DW would never put me in harm's way. This was to be a long-distance lesson from her.

"My sources tell me that you're hiding something," the woman purred.

"I'm not sure I know what you mean," I replied truthfully.

"Okay, we can play it that way." She handed me a blindfold and I donned it. We sat in silence for a while as the miles ticked by. She told me that her name was Mistress C and told me that I needed to breathe deeply as she put something over my face, covering my mouth and nose. I heard a slight hiss and caught the unmistakable odor of nitrous oxide. My head felt very light and my eyelids heavy. I don't remember much after that.

When I awoke sometime later, I was sitting on a stage looking into an empty auditorium. Still bleary, I don't know what I realized first: that I was bound to a chair or that I was wearing a French maid's outfit. I struggled with my bonds, trying to see where I was bound and if I could get loose. My legs were tied to the legs of the heavy wooden chair. My arms were bound in a "sleeve" uncomfortably behind my back. Moreover, I found that I was not wearing anything under my skirt though something was clamped to my testicles.

A door opened somewhere behind me and I felt a tingle in my balls. Heavy heels clicked and each "clop" sent a jolt through me. What was happening? As the noise got louder, the sensation increased until it was bordering on pain. The voice returned, "I'm speaking to the person inside of Michael. Her name is Wendy. I want Wendy. I want Wendy to come out and play."

I felt something flowing through me, out of me. At the same time, I felt like a flower blooming, petals unfolding. Her words penetrated me and brought something out. Was that just nitrous oxide or some kind of hallucinogenic? Regardless, I was feeling less and less like myself. "Are you here?" she asked me, her breath hot on my neck.

"I am here," I replied, my voice higher and lighter than it ever had been before.

She laughed wickedly and came around to stand in front of me. Even more gorgeous than before, her long tan legs were bare up to her small leather skirt. Meanwhile, her bodice held up her bosom such that her "cups runneth over." She wore mid-calf leather boots that I got a good look at when she placed one on my chest, leaning her weight against it and pushing against me. She had me kiss the tip before putting it back on the floor with a clunk that sent shocks through me.

"Well, welcome, Wendy. I hear that you don't get out to play too often, is that true?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" I cried.

She tsked and corrected me. "I'm not your school teacher, I'm your Mistress. Now, try again."

"Yes, Mistress!"

"That's better. Well, I'm glad that you're here to play. I've heard a lot about you and I look forward to seeing if the rumours are true."

She laughed and clapped her hands twice. To my visible reaction she said, "Do you like my toy, Wendy? It's a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) device that I have set to react to sound. It's quite sensitive... ISN'T IT?" As she yelled the last two words I felt another bolt go through me and gritted my teeth in response.

"Yes, Mistress!"

She nodded and grabbed one of my nipples under my top and gave it a wicked pinch and twist. "Good... don't forget it." She held onto it, getting tighter before releasing me and laughing at my gasping pain.

She disappeared behind me again and I noticed her male sub was now in the auditorium, the sole member of the audience. She returned with a crop and started swatting at my bare thighs. The cracks activated the TENS, sending little shocks through me that seemed to meet those from my thighs like two sets of ripples meeting each other in a pond. She lifted up my top and started swatting my nipples, harder now. I tried to not cry out but couldn't help it. Each swat was a stinging agony as it accompanied the blast of electricity.

Without warning she plopped down on one of my legs, her thighs around mine and caressed my face. "Such a pretty face, Wendy. I love the way your makeup turned out with your Clara Bow lips. They'll look so sweet around my cock..." She laughed again and traced her fingernail over my lips before pushing her finger into my mouth. I sucked on it eagerly. Her other hand went under my top and pinched my nipple again. I sucked even harder at this added stimulation.

She got up and disappeared again. I saw that her slaveboy was stroking his cock while watching us. His cock was twice the size of mine -- both in length and girth. I could see that even at this distance.

When she returned she was wearing a long, thick black rubber strap-on dildo. She put a boot up on the arm of the chair and pulled my head down in order to kiss and suck on it. "Show Mistress how much Wendy likes to suck cock," she said. She saw that I wanted to take more into my mouth than I was able to get at this angle and laughed at what an eager slut I was. I almost embarrassed myself at how hungrily I was slurping on her rubber dick.

"Oh, this will never do," she said. "How am I to cum if you can barely reach my cock?" she asked in mock-desperation. She turned and addressed the "audience", "Slave, get up here and undo this bitch's bonds." Each loud word sent shudders of shocks through my loins.

Obediently, he came to the stage and untied my limbs. Stepping shakily, I was lead to a bench that stood about waist high with padding on top. Mistress C laid me over it and put a rubber dildo in my hands. "Go ahead; I know you like to have your mouth full. Show me how much." She laughed again, each vibration being caught by the TEMS. I whimpered and slid the rubber cock into my mouth, sucking it greedily.

I felt either she or her slave slather my exposed bottom with lubricant. I felt her hand on my shoulder, looking at her well-manicured nails bite into my flesh. With a unladylike grunt she thrust into me, the noise setting off the TENS yet again. I wondered if she could feel the shock through my body and into her or if the rubber from her cock protected her from the electricity streaming through me.

She drove into me hard and deep on her first thrust. I gasped around the cock in my mouth and squealed. "That's right, Wendy, feel this cock inside of your pussy. Feel how it is to be fucked. You sweet little girl." She started fucking me rhythmically, each slam sending more shocks through me. The pure number of sensations felt like it was overloading me. I don't know if Mistress C came from the rubber cock rubbing against her or if she felt I had had enough. She pulled out and allowed me to fall in a heap to the floor. She clomped away, each step shocking me with vigor.

After a few moments, she called to me, "Wendy, crawl over here for your reward."

I followed the sound of her voice, keeping my head down and crawling to her. She was downstage with her slave, naked, next to her. "I was going to allow you to suck my slave's cock but he's been bad. I know how sad this must make you but I'm not about to reward him with your mouth after he's been errant in his ways. However, I still want you to drink his cum."

She allowed her slave to masturbate. It didn't take long until he was asking her permission to cum as he had been stroking throughout the evening. "Yes, slave... cum on my cock." He grunted and unleashed his load on her black strap-on. "Now, Wendy... eat the cum off my cock." I positioned myself before her cock and took it deep into my mouth, licking the salty cum from the rubber and knowing that it was her gift to me.

I swallowed it all and kneeled back onto my heels, my head lowered.

"Would you like if I allowed you to cum yourself? To masturbate onto my boots?" she asked.

"Oh, yes, please ma'am!" I said eagerly.

She snapped her fingers, a jolt going through me in response. "Too bad, Wendy... you just called me 'ma'am' again. That means that our time tonight is done. My slave will help you get dressed." She turned and started walking offstage. "Oh, and Wendy, the next time you see me the auditorium won't be empty. Consider this a dress rehearsal. When you feel the cold night air on your face, you won't be Wendy any more but you'll be back to Michael. Just promise me that Michael will let Wendy out to play more, won't he?" She laughed her wicked laugh that sent chills down my spine and shocks through my genitals.

Her slave proved particularly helpful as he helped me out of my outfit and gave me my bundle of street clothes along with some face cream to get my makeup off. After I had changed he drove me back to my hotel in silence. When I got back to my room there were a dozen roses waiting for me with a note that said, "You did well - DW."

I hope to get back to California again soon.

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