Dec 21, 2006

Teaching The Teacher Story 5

I forgot that I had written this. It became one of the other "Teacher Stories" but is different enough that I think it can stand on its own.

We stood, looking at each other. Her hand on my cock, my hand on hers. We were stroking each other as the women looked on. Mistress Red was sitting, relaxed. Her feet up and a drink in her hand. Mistress Belladonna was closer, watching her handiwork. She had commanded this; she had wanted to see us touch each other – Stephanie, a lovely transvestite, and myself. It was Mistress Belladonna’s first time seeing two men together though she didn’t refer to Stephanie as a man, but a fellow female. For all intents and purposes, Stephanie was just that except that she had a seven inch erect cock in the palm of my hand.

We looked into each others’ eyes as we touched one another. “That’s so nice,” cooed Mistress Belladonna, “Now kiss.” Stephanie and I kissed, lightly at first and then more deeply, passionately, feeling each other getting harder as our tongues swam into each others’ mouths. I couldn’t help but moan a bit as I felt her thumb running over the head of my cock. Of course, I had to return the favor.

“Now, you two are going to play a little game for me,” said Mistress Belladonna. “Stephanie, you get down on your back on the bed. And you, bitch, get over her. Her cock should be at your mouth level and vice versa.”

Now in a position of sixty-nine, Mistress Belladonna explained the rules. “Whoever can make the other one cum first gets a reward from me. The other one will be blindfolded and will only get to listen. Now, suck.”

I took Stephanie’s cock into my mouth as she took me into hers. I felt that I was no match for her. She’s an expert cocksucker and had me near the edge in seconds. Trying as best I could, I concentrated all of my efforts on her cock, sucking her as deep down my throat as possible, nudging her balls with my nose, running my fingertips gently over the puckered rosebud of her ass. We stayed locked in that position for a while as Mistress Belladonna wandered around the bed, getting a closer look at the action. “Don’t look at me, bitch, keep your mind on your job. Get that girl to cum in your mouth for me.”

I sucked deeper, harder, faster now. I tried to imagine what kind of reward Mistress Belladonna had planned for the winner and wondered how it could top having Stephanie cum in my mouth. The idea of taking cum in my gullet for someone had always been a dream. To be ordered to suck cock… it was a dream come true.

I hoped, too, that Mistress Red was enjoying herself. I sincerely hoped that she was giving herself pleasure at the sight of her ward commanding Stephanie and I. Her tutelage of Mistress Belladonna was one I was honored to be a part of.

Despite trying to think of other things, the pleasure of Stephanie’s mouth was soon overwhelming. As I reached the brink of orgasm, she removed my cock from her mouth and jacked it off the rest of the way, my hot cum dripping on the bed linens. The pleasure was tremendous but I was also heartbroken, having missed out on Stephanie’s load as well as whatever Mistress Belladonna had in store for the cocksucking contest winner.

“Oh, very good Stephanie. What a good girl. I thought for sure that this little faggot was going to beat you but I’m glad you showed him who the better cocksucker is,” said Mistress Belladonna as she stood close enough that I could feel her heat. “Get off of her, faggot, it’s time for Stephanie’s reward.”

I sat up on the bed and, true to her word, Mistress Belladonna blindfolded me. What transpired next I can only guess at but I’m pretty sure I know what happened. I heard Stephanie get off the bed and Mistress Belladonna kneeled close to where I sat. I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume. I could hear Stephanie’s skirt rustling as she got on her knees behind Mistress Belladonna, on the floor and at mouth height with the young Mistress’ tender ass. From there, I could sense Mistress Belladonna undergoing much pleasure – the kind that must have been coming from Stephanie’s tongue rolling over her asshole. I heard the soft whispers of Mistress Red who must have gotten up and was directing Stephanie’s actions. I could also hear a gentle moan coming from Mistress Belladonna, so soft and sincere that my cock started to awaken from its slumber.

This seemed to go on for an interminable length of time. Finally, Mistress Belladonna simply commanded, “Stop.” There was more motion and more whispering. I was lead off the bed and placed on the floor, kneeling. My mouth was opened and I awaited a command. When my blindfold was finally removed, I found myself before Stephanie.

“Stephanie will have control of you now, until I say differently,” said Mistress Belladonna from behind me.

“Get up and lay across my knees,” said Stephanie as she took a seat on the bed. I lay across her knees obediently as she began to stroke the backs of my thighs. WHAP – a sound swept through the air as she brought down her palm on one cheek of my ass. WHAP – came another one on the other cheek. The pain was sharp and immediate. My cock, however, remained hard as it was nestled between her thighs. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP came more blows across me. I could feel the heat on my ass now as she continued to punish me. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP. I whimpered a bit, trying to indicate that she was really hurting me. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP. I gasped at each slap, hoping that she would stop soon.

“How many was that, dear?” she asked sweetly.

I tried to do the math and could only blurt out, “Ten, Mistress?”

“Tsk, tsk. No, dear. That was a fourteen. Let’s try this again.” WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP “How many was that?”

“Six, Mistress!” I cried, trying hard not to tear up.

“Yes, dear. Very good. Who said sluts couldn’t count?” WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP. “Now?”

“Oh! Twelve, Mistress.”

“Good boy. And how many more?”

“Two, Mistress!”

“Yes, that’s right. How many more would it take to give Mistress Belladonna’s age?”

“Uh, six, Mistress?”

“Yes, that’s right. Will you take six for me? As a tribute to Mistress Belladonna?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Then let’s make every one of these count.”


“Very good, very good. I’m sure you made Mistress Belladonna very proud of you. You definitely made me proud. For that, I’m going to give you a nice surprise.”

She had me lay on my back before moving up to my left side and showing me her cock. Without having to ask, I took her in my mouth again. I could feel her bucking her hips, pushing herself in and out of my wet, willing mouth. She held out for a few moments before cumming. “That’s right, drink it all up,” she moaned as I sucked the last few drops out of her.

Without taking a break, she then reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a condom which she slipped onto my hard cock. As soon as it was on, she lowered herself down, onto me, taking me deep inside of her.

She rocked back and forth, moaning, looking down at me with a much deserved air of superiority. While I was inside of her, she was definitely fucking me. She had control. Her muscles were contracting around me. I looked to my side and saw Mistress Belladonna and Mistress Red looking on, enjoying the show. They may have been enjoying themselves but not nearly as much as I was.

“Oh, Mistress, I feel like I’m going to cum, may I cum?” I asked.

“Let me check,” Stephanie said, still riding me. “May he?” she asked to the women.

“Yes,” snarled Mistress Belladonna.

“Oh!” I cried as I came hard, again, inside of Stephanie. She rode me, milking every drop from my cock before getting off of me. She took the used condom and held it above my mouth.

“Open!” she said. After opening my mouth, she squeezed my own cum from the condom into my mouth. “Good boy.”

“That was very good, Stephanie,” said Mistress Belladonna. “I have one more thing for Michael. You know what to do, Michael. Show Stephanie what you like me to do best to you.”

I lay on the floor on the towel spread out there and closed my eyes. Mistress Belladonna stood over me and, within moments, opened her bladder, spraying warm urine all over my face and chest. “Now, go clean yourself up.”

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