Dec 19, 2006

Introducing Stephanie

Okay, those were a lot of posts all at once and without much clarification.

As it stood... Mistress Red and Mistress Belladonna read that first story; recounting what I had done with my friend Xena. They both liked the teacher angle and went with it during our first session. There were a few things that Belladonna said and did to me that were verbatim out of the story but, mostly, it was an inspiration for them -- a greasing of the mental wheels and a good jumping off point.

That's the way it worked for the next few stories. After our first session, I was asked to write another scenario. This time I based it partially on what happened in our first session and added more to it, trying to push the envelope so that Mistress Belladonna would experience more of the requests that she would surely get as a ProDomme. For example: there's a bit of rimming in the second story. Little did I know that Belladonna had never been rimmed before. Now... that's not something she would do with a "normal" client but Red talked her into allowing me to do it to her so that Belladonna could experience this sensation.

She loved it.

The next session we introduced my old friend Stephanie into the mix. Stephanie is a m2f TS and had played with Red and I on one occasion before -- and with me on several occasions. I trust her completely and she was happy to help in this experiment with Mistress Belladonna. I wrote that third story before we got together. I ran it past Stephanie and she was good with everything.

I don't think I come out and say that Stephanie is a TS -- lots of talk about her "enlarged clitoris." I apologize for the confusion but it's kind of rude to talk about her having male sexual organs. She doesn't think of it that way and I respect that.

And, after our fourth session... that was it. Mistress Belladonna graduated from high school (!) and moved on to other things and moved away. She left owing Mistress Red some money and none of us has heard from her since. Alas, that was my fun spring with Mistress Belladonna.

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