Dec 27, 2006

New York After Dark

I was in New York for a Interactive Conference. It was a bore. I was complaining about the waste of my time to one of my Midwestern friends and she mentioned that she might have the perfect distraction for me. By 8 o'clock that night I had been essentially "set up" to meet a native New Yorker at the Angelica Theater down town.

"You'll like her," I was told. "She's funny and cute. I think you two will find you have a lot in common." This was not a date but more of a "friendship waiting to happen" in my friend's eyes. That we were meeting for a Todd Haynes film told me that this mystery woman had some taste. That she was writing a review of it for "Time Out New York" meant that she enjoyed writing, too. That she got paid for it was even more impressive.

We met in the theater, I could tell it was her by the way she was scanning the room the same way I was. I introduced myself and she she told me her name, Michelle. She was an African American woman with a close cropped haircut, voluptuous figure, and sparkling green eyes. She had a captivating smile and I instantly felt a spark of attraction upon shaking her hand.

The next few days we spent throughout Manhattan. I skipped my conference and we shopped, ate, and chatted extensively. I got a little sad each night as we said goodbye. I was having a great time hanging out. The day before I was scheduled to leave she invited me over for lunch at her loft since we were in the area doing some browsing at Tower Records. I noted with interest that some of the magazines she had bought were of rather questionable material including the latest Prometheus magazine from The Eulenspiegel Society, a New York BDSM group.

While she prepared lunch, I asked if I could look at some of the things she had picked up. "Sure," she said, "I'm not sure if there's anything you'll like but go ahead."

I started leafing through the pages of Prometheus and enjoyed seeing some of the highly attractive models in their fetish gear. When I turned a page to find a picture of Michelle in a black bodice and leather skirt I'm sure that my mouth fell open. I read the caption next to the photograph to learn that she was a member and chapter leader of TES. Is this why my friend thought we would get on well together? Do I wear my D/s proclivities on my sleeve? Or was this as much a secret to her as it had been to me until now?

I put away the magazine as she brought out sandwiches and iced tea to eat on her couch. We had a wonderful view of the Village from her tall windows. For the first time since our initial awkward silence before the movie a few nights before we were quiet. There was something unspoken between us now and I was determined to play the waiting game and make her speak first. This is quiet difficult for a chatterbox like me.

We were done with lunch and I was carrying the dishes to her kitchenette when she boldly asked, "Do you want to see my collection of floggers?"

As casually as if she had asked if I wanted to see her Hummel collection, I agreed. She went to a large case in the corner of her living room and lowered a protective black cover. Inside were over a dozen floggers of various shapes, colors, and materials. She ran her index finger along the top of them and selected a particular flogger.

"This was one of my first," she said fondly. "My late husband used it on me the night we met." She told me of her first Eulenspiegel Society event and how she had met the man that became her husband. The had played and stayed together for years. He had encouraged her to switch and be a Domme with select people. He groomed her to be the best submissive and Dominant that he possibly could before he passed away years ago.

Surprising myself I ventured, "I'd like to experience how it feels, if you don't mind." I stepped towards her, removing my shirt and slightly hunching over so that my hands were on the arm of her couch, propping me up.

"I'm not going to use that one for sentimental reasons but..." she trailed off, selecting something else. I heard the swish of material and felt the slap of a purple deerskin flogger over my shoulders. It warmed my flesh slightly and I could smell the fragrance of the flogger in the air. Down it came again, harder this time as she tested out my resiliance.

Harder again and varied, all across my back. I could hear her put it back and select another. This one had much more of a sting. She swung it around to get a whirring noise before striking me with it, raising welts on my back. "I need you to take your pants down so I can have more area to strike," she said matter-of-factly.

I lowered my pants and underwear, letting them bunch at my ankles. She now struck with abandon across my asscheeks. I muffled my slight cries as she battered my butt with that flogger and another that was even more sinister. Now I could feel welts raising on my posterior and could hear her switching to yet another flogger.

"Turn around," she said and I obeyed despite this sudden awkwardness of allowing this person who was becoming my friend to suddenly see my genetalia. I could see a line of persperation across her forehead and a devilish glint in her eyes. The flogger in her fist looked as if it were made out of hard plastic strips. She lashed out like a snake and swiped it across my flaccid cock. The sting was incredible and I sucked air through my teeth. I didn't complain, however. Rather, I stood back up even straighter after instincts had me bend over slightly to pull away from the pain.

My acceptance and desire for more definitely did right by her. She smiled, the light glinting across her smile, before swiping across my growing cock a second, third, and fourth time. She hung up the flogger and motioned that I should pull my pants back up. This was rather difficult as I had a raging hard-on by this time but I managed.

She went over and grabbed her coat and I followed quickly along. It was as if the entire time at her apartment hadn't happened. We went back to being the friends that we had been before and no mention was made of D/s or pain. However, rather than continuing to shop at rather "vanilla" stores, our path now took us to much more "alternative" venues which included fetish gear, pornography, and other interesting items. After a long day of walking, chatting, and shopping we got in a cab and Michelle gave a very specific address across town.

The restaurant that night was markedly different from the diners we had been frequenting previously. Lit only with candles and served by waitresses with chains around their waists that led to their hands and the trays they carried this was the first "fetish restaurant" I had ever heard of. When we got there, Michelle introduced herself by the name she used in Prometheus and said that she and her sub would be dining tonight. The waitstaff never looked at me, as if I wasn't there. She ordered all food and drink for me, not allowing me to interface with anyone but she. It didn't take long until she was down to brass tacks, asking me some very awkward and personal questions about my past experience as a submissive. She took it all in, making mental notes as the meal progressed.

I paid the tab and we left after dessert. Rather than going our seperate ways she told me that I'd be coming back to her place. When she got there she told me to strip and leave my clothes by the door. She had me kneel and she left the room to start a bath. Once she was in the tub she called for me to join her. She moved up in the tub and told me to get behind her. It was a luxurious tub and we both fit well. With my legs spread, she moved back to lean against my chest and continued to sponge warm water over her. Her head fit nicely under my chin and I could smell the scent of her hair. I know it sounds odd, but her hair fascinated me. I never had seen an natural 'do on an African American woman that close and I asked if I could touch it. She had me do one better and allowed me to oil it for her.

I wondered if she could feel the hardness of my cock against her ass as we sat and relaxed in the tub. She told me that she was glad we had met and that our mutual friend had done her right by sterring such a pleasant submissive her way. I still wasn't sure if our friend knew of our proclivities or if it had been a happy accident. Regardless, I was having a wonderful time, especially when she had me soap her up and rinse her down.

We toweled dry and she led me to the ladder that went up to her large, raised bed. I followed her up and found her on her back, her legs spread. She told me to please her with my mouth and I obliged willingly. She tasted different than anyone I had ever licked before. I let my tongue explore every fold and nook of her pussy, getting her wetness across my nose and cheeks. I felt her hard clit under my nose and began moving my head up and down, rubbing it, while my tongue went deep into her, tasting her stronger there.

She grabbed the back of my head and held me in place, her hips thrusting now and her clit harder under me. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around my tongue as I fucked her with my mouth. I could hear her moaning, high and shrill, and gasping every few seconds. Just then she started saying, "Oh!" Quietly at first and then louder and in closer succession. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" Until it became one long, loud vowel as she bucked hard against me. I struggled to keep my tongue and face moving to coax her to completion and perhaps to tease a second orgasm from her. She wasn't having that, though, and pushed me away, panting for breath.

She had me crawl up next to her and take one of her nipples in my mouth as she stroked my head. We lay in silence for a short while until she cleared her throat and said, "I have a confession to make."

"What's that?" I asked, around her nipple.

"It's something that I don't tell many people... just a select few that I feel a connection with and want to get closer to."

Uh oh. What horrible thing was this going to be?

"I, uh," she said, "I drink people's blood." When I didn't react she kept going, "I'm a vampire."

Perplexed, I asked her to explain. We had been out in the daylight and I'd seen her eat garlic so maybe she wasn't the kind of vampire I was used to. It turned out that she had some kind of fetish for blood and taking it was a sign of sincerity. She even had two nasty canine caps made for her. They didn't pierce the skin but she liked wearing them.

"Do what you will to me for tonight I am yours and tomorrow I go back home." As if I had just given her a Christmas gift her eyes lit with glee and she grabbed a small silver box from the table next to her mattress. Inside was a small needle, a bottle of alcohol, and a few things I couldn't discern. She laid me on my back and used the alcohol dropper on my neck where I felt the cool of it on my skin. She then used it on her needle and poised it above me.

She looked down into my eyes, her vampire teeth showing in her smile, and said, "To feast upon you is an honor." With that, she pricked my neck and waited for the blood to well before lowering her mouth and sucking. It didn't feel bad... it felt like a long lost lover's kiss and the sensation put new vigor into my cock. When she was done feeding, she raised back up and smiled at me, licking her lips. She saw the newfound hardness in my cock and bent over it. As if it could also give her blood, she started sucking it. I could feel the sharp bite from her canines on my cock and it scared me... the fear made my heart race and between that and the senssations of her mouth my back arched and gave her more liquid nourishment. She stopped sucking but kept my cock in her mouth as she lay down between my legs, suckling on me gently.

She pulled a blanket across us and she fel asleep with me inside of her. I could feel her teeth scraping against my flaccid flesh as she breathed the deep breath of sleep. A few times in the night I awoke to find her suckling on my hardness but I'm not sure if she was awake or just doing it out of some subconscious need.

When I awoke the next morning, she was not my Vampire or my Domme but back to being my friend. She fixed me breakfast which I hurridly ate before my run back to my hotel and then to the airport. Unfortunately, once I got back to my home town the distance between us came into play and she called our relationship -- friendship included -- quits. She wanted more of the other stuff and didn't want any of it with someone hundreds of miles away. At least I had one night with my vampire lover and a week of friendship with a stranger to make my New York trip enjoyable.

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