Dec 18, 2006

Teaching The Teacher Story 2

It was slightly difficult to breath with her legs on either side of my head but it was worth it. I was given the privilege of returning her gaze as she looked down at me, helpless. My arms and legs were completely immobilized by a combination of plastic wrap and duct tape. The only parts of me exposed to the air were my face and my erect cock.

She had paid little mind to my cock after she freed it from the wrap with a pair of sharp scissors, merely laughing when she saw it spring forth after unleashing it and commenting on how pathetic and small it is.

More than my cock, she had fun with my face, teasing me. Her pussy was mere inches from my face with only a thin piece of fabric from her panties between it and me. She allowed me to feel her warmth by lowering herself onto my face. She allowed me to take in her heady aroma. She even allowed me to hear that her pussy was wet, by sticking a finger into her panties and inserting it into her. Now I would do anything to smell or taste that finger.

Knowing this, she asks me if I’d take a beating to smell her scent. “Yes, yes, anything, Mistress,” I say, breathlessly. She nods over her shoulder to Mistress Red who grins maliciously as she snaps her cat of nine tails menacingly. I can only hear her, at first, until she steps closer and trails the nine leather straps along the tender thighs of Mistress Belladonna. It’s amazing how good these can look when lovingly caressing the beautiful flesh of a goddess compared to how bad they sting when bring brought down across a hard cock.

My jerking and jumping from the blow only seemed to amuse Mistress Belladonna. She chuckled a bit at my misery before caressing my forehead and calming me. “There, there. That’s a good little pussy boy. You do want to take another for me, don’t you?”

Of course I did. I wanted to do anything for these women. I am theirs. I belong to them. I asked, “Please, Mistress. May I have another?”

She nodded and before I could even discern that time had passed another blow landed upon me. And then another. And a third. Each making my body jump with the stinging pain. My breath came in pants, which seemed to intensify the wonderful scent of Mistress Belladonna.

“What do you say, slut?” she asks, her eyes locked onto mine.

“Thank You, Mistress. Thank you for the pain.”

“Do you like being here between my legs?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you like pussy?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“What do you like about it?”

“Everything, Mistress. The sight, the smell, the taste, the feel. It appeals to all of my senses.”

“You’re probably hoping that I scoot myself up just a few inches and letting you taste me. Is that true?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s not going to happen. A little bitch like you isn’t good enough to eat my pussy. You’re not good enough for my pussy. You’re barely good enough for my ass. If you’re a good bitch tonight, perhaps I’ll let you lick my ass.”

“Thank You, Mistress.”

“I bet this is a strange position for you, isn’t it? Being between a woman’s legs. We both know you’re a little faggot, aren’t you? Aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Tell me, bitch, how many cocks have you had in your mouth?”

“I’m not sure, Mistress.”

“Is it that many? I’ll make it easier for you. How many have you had in your mouth since I last saw you?”

“None, Mistress.”

“None? You must really be missing cock, then. Well, luckily I think that we can help you with that.”

Without realizing it, Mistress Red has donned her strap-on dildo. She stands at the side of the bed where I lay, helpless, her rubber cock waiving in the air. Though it’s not flesh and blood, I know that it gives her and Mistress Belladonna pleasure to see me suck it as if it were. Mistress Belladonna raises off of me and pushes me over to the side of the bed so that Mistress Red can use her strap-on on my face. She teases me with it, rubbing it across my face, my mouth waiting in anticipation. She laughs.

“Look at how this faggot wants my cock. Look how he’s trying to get it into his mouth. He can’t live without it.”

“You keep his face, I want to fuck this faggot’s little pussy,” says Mistress Belladonna. After some rearranging and some more use of the scissors, I found myself on my elbows and knees between the legs of Mistress Red, sucking her strap on while Mistress Belladonna inserted her own strap-on into my now exposed ass.

I felt like a pig on a spit, a cock in my mouth and one in my ass, both being worn by beautiful women. Both of them telling me how ridiculous I looked, taking cock like the whore I am. I hoped that Mistress Belladonna could find the sweet spot on herself where she could get pleasure from fucking me – physical as well as mental. Soon, I began to hear her breathing change and knew that, indeed, she was getting off on her thrusts.

I tried to meet her pelvis with my ass with each deep plunge into my ass. I only live to give pleasure and being used in this way is incredibly fulfilling. I continued to work on Mistress Red’s cock but knew that she was watching Mistress Belladonna, seeing her face flush with pleasure as she moved closer to orgasm.

I can’t even begin to describe the warmth that flowed through me as I felt her shudder and cross over the brink, cumming while fucking me. She plunged deeper, deeper, into me and I welcomed her and the pleasure/pain. She seemed to cum forever before slowing her thrusts and eventually pulling out of me, leaving me missing the feel of her cock.

I was disappointed to be empty for only a brief moment for soon Mistress Belladonna decided that I should have the reward she had mentioned.

Mistress Red moved to my side, gently caressing my exposed flesh while Mistress Belladonna moved in front of me, raising her skirt and lowering her panties to expose her lovely bottom to me.

“Eat my ass, bitch. Put your tongue inside my asshole and taste me.”

I licked and tongued her ass as best I could, dreaming that it was her pussy and getting off on it every second. I only did it with more vigor after Mistress Red decided to “motivate” me by placing a finger inside of my own ass, fucking me with her finger while I “fucked” Mistress Belladonna’s ass with my tongue. She allowed me to do this for a good long while before she simply uttered, “Stop.”

I backed away and waited patiently for my next command.

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