Dec 21, 2006

Anoher knock at the door

Here's another tale from my archives.

A knock at the door. Inside are two young girls. Coming in the door now is a middle-aged man, Mr. White, the girls’ high school English teacher. The girls, still in their uniforms—pleated plaid skirts, white blouses, white knee socks, hair in pigtails—left a note for White in with their homework. A threat; a promise; a home address.

Standing in the foyer. “I have to say that I’m a bit perplexed,” said Mr. White. Reading over the note again he begins to get a bit angry. “What is the meaning of this, girls?”

“I think that it’s to the point, Mr. White. It’s that kind of concise writing you’ve taught us. You’re here because we want you. We’ve been talking about this all year and you’re here to give us what we need, Erica and I,” said Hayla, the curly-haired blonde.

“And what is that?”

Always blunt, Erica finally spoke, “Your cock.”

The color ran out of White’s face a bit before turning a bit crimson. He tried to say something but it came out as a stammer.

“You’re here and we’ll cry rape if we don’t get what we want. Erica’s seventeen and I’m sixteen, and we’re both very good at making up stories. You should know that from my last term paper.”

“I’ll be fired—“

“Worse. Unless you don’t do what we say, Mr. White… Michael.”

“But, girls, I’m a married man.”

“That’s fine. Maybe someday your wife can join us too,” Hayla said before turning to Erica and giving her a long, deep kiss. Seeing the two girls together, groping each other, moaning slightly, was simply too much for White. His knees going to jelly, he collapsed on the nearest piece of furniture.

His straining erection caught the attention of Erica who said, “That’s exactly the kind of reaction we were hoping for.” She and Hayla dropped to her knees and began removing his pants.

“Girls, girls, please. This can’t happen.”

“It is happening and you can’t do anything to stop it. We’ve been planning this for months,” said Hayla as she managed to fish out his hard cock from his underwear and take it into her mouth.

“Oh, god,” he said as Hayla shared him with Erica, the two girls’ tongues wrapping themselves around White’s fully erect cock.

It didn’t take long for White to orgasm. The two girls grinned with success as they watched his cock drip glob after glob of thick, warm cum.

“Very nice, Mist—Michael,” said Erica. “Now it’s our turn.”

Hayla quickly sat down next to White and said, “Me first!” Erica took White by the hand, pulling him to the floor next to her as Hayla shimmied out of her white cotton panties and pulled up her skirt.

“You know what to do, Michael.”

Indeed, it didn’t take much coaxing for White to lean forward and taste Hayla’s sweet young pussy. He could feel Erica’s breath on his neck and ear shortly, before hearing her words of encouragement, “That’s right, Michael. Eat her up good. She’s been dying for the feel of your tongue on her. Pretty soon you’ll have your cock in her too. She’s the one who thought up our plan. It makes her so wet to think of you. I’ve watched her touch herself and moan about you for quite some time now.” Her words going directly into White’s mind, his tongue began working overtime, concentrating on Hayla’s hard clitoris. He licked and sucked even harder when he felt one of Erica’s fingers between his asscheeks, playing with his puckered hole.

Lapping at her pussy, White quickly had Hayla at the brink of orgasm. More than the spasms of her vagina around his fingers – two of which were pistoning in and out of her tight hole – he could tell that she was close when she grabbed the back of his head, moving him closer to her pussy. Her scent, her taste, and the sounds of her moans were intoxicating. Soon he felt her vaginal muscles gripping his fingers as she bucked her hips into his face over and over again. She had to physically move his head away from her pussy to stop him from his incessant, manic licking.

Slowly catching her breath, Hayla leaned her head back and exclaimed, “He knows what he’s doing Erica. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

“No, I won’t. You know my feelings on this,” Erica said as she took her turn sitting on the couch. Rather than leaning back and exposing her vagina, Erica took her legs and bent them back incredibly far, putting her ass in line with White’s face.

Sliding down next to him, Hayla whispered in his ear, “Erica’s going to stay a virgin. She won’t give up her pussy, so you’re going to have to eat her ass.”

Obediently, White began licking the tight pucker of Erica’s ass. She gasped a bit as he moved his tongue in tight semi-circles around her hole. Hayla stayed next to him as he continued to lick. Her hand moved down his stomach to find his cock, once again hard. “Oooh, does that make you excited, Michael? The thought of fucking Erica up the ass? I’m sure you’ll find that it’s just as much fun as my pussy.”

Stroking his cock, Hayla continued her homily. “Erica may think that she’s being a good girl by only giving you her ass, but we both know how dirty that is, don’t we? We both know that the idea of fucking her tight little ass is a turn on. Maybe when you fuck her ass, I’ll let you suck on my tits. How does that hit you?”

Not willing to stop licking Erica, all White could do was moan deeply and begin to buck his hips, his cock harder now in Hayla’s hand. “He’s ready for you now, Erica.”

Flipping herself over and leaning against the couch, Erica presented her open ass to White. Hayla wrapped his cock with a condom and slicked it with some lube before guiding it into her friend’s tight bottom. Looking at Erica, Hayla watched her friend motion for more or less of White’s cock as she helped push it in.

Once he was completely inside of Erica, Hayla told him to start fucking her. He had to take things slow and easy as the feel of Erica’s tight ass around his cock was nearly too much for him to handle. He almost orgasmed immediately when he felt Hayla’s hands on his nipples, tweaking them roughly before leaning down his head and putting one of her own nipples in his mouth. “Suck. Hard.”

Without even thinking, his mouth wrapped around her nipple while his hips began to buck harder, his cock going in and out of Erica’s tender bottom roughly. “Yes, fuck me. Fuck me good,” she cried between gritted teeth. He could feel her ass grasping at his cock as he moved in and out of her.

Hayla put her other nipple in his mouth now, one of her hands going down and playing with her clit. Her own breath was short and warm on his neck as she encouraged him to fuck Erica as well, “Take her. Fuck that ass. Your cock looks so good splitting her in two.”

Soon the sensations became too much for him as White yelled out again and felt himself emptying into Erica’s bottom. Expertly, she reached back and held the condom around his cock as she slid him out of her. Panting, she moved back up onto the couch and said, “I told you, I won’t let a man near my pussy.”

With that, Hayla dropped down and helped her friend to orgasm while White looked on, wide-eyed at the sight of the two schoolgirls. After cumming hard, Erica and Hayla embraced for a bit, looking on at White with self satisfaction. “We did it,” Hayla whispered to Erica, loud enough for White to hear, “He’s ours now.”

With that, White knew that it was true. The two girls had him exactly where they wanted them. He knew that he would be getting more notes along with their homework and, oddly enough, he looked forward to the next one.

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