Dec 21, 2006

Little Boy Lost: A Story

Here's a little ditty I penned a few years back. I don't have to explain now who Stephanie is.

It’s not every day that one comes home to find a beautiful stranger hanging around the house. I was so taken aback when I came in that nearly walked right back out. I certainly double checked the front door and view outside to confirm that I was, indeed, walking into the correct house.

“Uh, hello,” I muttered, suavely, to the pretty young lady who had been sitting on the living room couch until I opened the door. She was getting up to greet me. As she crossed the room I took in her features. There was something uncannily familiar about her. I couldn’t quite place her yet but she definitely had a lot of my wife’s features. Perhaps this was one of the scads of cousins from her extended family.

“Welcome home!” she said, bubbling over with what seemed like a mix of excitement and nervousness. As she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, I took in the scent of her perfume and felt the warmth of her body near me. She stood back and looked at me, taking me in and disconcerting me even more. Seeing how perplexed I was, she frowned before saying, “I imagine that a bit of explanation is in order.” She returned to the couch, patting the cushion next to her, inviting me to sit down.

“This has been a long time in coming,” she said. “Mother and I started work on this plan back on my Sweet Sixteen.”

I was glad to be sitting as the realization that hit me would have knocked me to the ground otherwise. This beautiful young woman next to me was related to my wife, all right. She was my son!

“Stephen, what happened to you?” I stammered.

“Nothing that I didn’t want to happen, Daddy,” he said with a gentle, feminine lilt in his voice. He sounded and looked exactly like a young lady, reminiscent of his mother when she was his age. “Mother and I have been hatching this plan for a year now. She’s given you to me.”

“What on earth – “

“She knows, Daddy. She found pictures of you with other men. She found the notes that you wrote to them. She knows more about you than you do… and so do I. She knows what you need and I intend to give it to you.”

“But, Stephen, I – “

“Be quiet, Daddy,” she said and I knew she meant it. “You’re not in a position to say or do anything that I don’t want you to say or do. That is, unless you want to lose your family, your house, or even your livelihood. Are we clear?”

“Yes, Stephen.”

“Do I look like a ‘Stephen’? You’re to call me Stephanie unless you’re told otherwise. Understood?”

“Yes, Stephanie.”

Needless to say, this wasn’t what I expected today. My wife and I had been distant for the last few years. I had gone outside of my marriage to fulfill some urges that I wasn’t proud of – the desire to submit to the desires of another, and the urge to be with another man. And now, here was the answer to my prayers – a very domineering person with penis. But, my own son!

“Good. That’s good Daddy,” she said, reaching up a hand to caress my cheek. Such a familiar touch from my own flesh and blood filled me with a bit of revulsion. I must have pulled back a bit as her hand quickly came down on my cheek with a sharp smack.

“Don’t you dare pull away from me, Daddy. I’ve seen you on your knees with a man’s cock in your mouth and one in your ass. A nice touch from your daughter is much less invasive, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Stephanie.”

“I’m glad we agree. Daddy, I don’t know if you realize this but from now on, I own you. Every inch of you. Do you know why that is?”

“Uh, because you’ve got those photos?” “That’s close. But, even if I didn’t have those photographs of you, Daddy, I know that you’re a slut. A little cocksucking slut who’s been dying to be owned for who knows how long. I’m taking ownership of you, Daddy. You’re going to serve someone and that someone is I. I’ve read the words of pleading that you’ve written to strangers on the Internet. You really need to clear your chat history, Daddy. I’ve read you pleading and begging for things to happen to you that still make me blush. I may be able to do those things to you someday but, for now, you’ll do anything and everything I say.”

I nodded, not necessarily ashamed of the things I had done but remorseful that I had been caught and that my son and wife had been exposed to everything.

“Now, stand up and take off your clothes. I want to see what I own,” Stephanie commanded.

Depending on how you were raised, it may be strange or not to be in a state of undress in front of your teenage son. Regardless, though, stripping so that your son – dressed as a beautiful woman – can see what he owns is far from normal. I undid my shirt but when I got to my pants I hesitated long enough to garner a swift smack on the ass from Stephanie. “Do it, Daddy. Show it all to me.”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on by all of this. I had been searching for so long for someone to do exactly what Stephen was doing to me that this was at once both a dream and a nightmare. It was obvious to him just how excited all of this made me when he was presented with my fully erect cock..

“Oh, Daddy! Does your little girl excite you?” she asked, looking from my cock to my eyes.

“Yes, Stephanie.”

“Good. That’s what I want. I want you to be turned on. It’s so much easier to control a man when his cock is hard,” she said, reaching up and stroking me a bit. Her hands were soft with lovely manicured nails. She stroked me with considerable skill, making me wonder what she and my wife had been up to for the last year.

“Mother couldn’t respect you after she saw those photos, Daddy. That’s why she hasn’t touched you… like this… in a year. She’s been saving you for me. She wants me to have fun with you and to make you the best slut you can be. She knows that you’re ruined for pussy and wants you to learn how to suck a cock right. And I’ll teach you, Daddy. I’ll teach you right. And we’ll keep it all right here, in the family.”

As she spoke, she stroked me harder and faster. My knees trembled, as I felt overwhelmed with feelings of lust and submission. I knew the truth in her words. I knew that I would do anything she commanded and that I would soon be begging on my knees for her to fill my mouth. I almost felt like I could cum right then and there as she stroked my cock. She realized this and slowed herself down, giggling at my reaction.

“Such a horny slut. Daddy’s a horny slut! Daddy, Mother’s told me time and again what a good pussy licker you are. I want you to show me, Daddy. I want you to eat my ‘pussy’.” With that, Stephanie stood, pulled down her panties, and then kneeled on the couch, pulling her skirt up over her hips to expose her young, tender ass to me.

I didn’t need to be told twice. I feel to my knees behind her and sank my face between her asscheecks, licking her sweet ass and tonguing her tight little hole. I could hear her sigh and moan, sounding exactly like her mother.

I don’t know why it took so long, but I wondered where her mother was. My wife should have been home by now – what would her reaction be if she came in to find her husband stark naked and eating out his son’s ass? Or, perhaps, she’s here already and watching us. Despite my better judgment, the idea of this made my cock stand even straighter and thicker.

“Stop now, Daddy,” Stephanie said, breathlessly. I leaned back, staying on my knees, ready to take her next order. “That was very good, Daddy. I can see why you’re so popular with the ladies. Now, I want you to show me if you should be popular with the men as well. Show me how well you suck cock, Daddy,” she said as she turned over, spreading her legs and wrapping them around my back, pulling me down to her engorged cock.

It had been over a year since I had been with another man--feeling guilty for going outside of my marriage for my needs—but sucking cock is like riding a bicycle. I got right down on Stephanie’s dick and didn’t miss a beat. Taking her in and out of my mouth and feeling her get harder as I took more of her in with each bob of my head. I could feel her balls getting tighter each time they pressed against my chin. I could hear her breath coming in short pants. Finally, she said, “That’s enough, Daddy” and pushed my head up off of her cock. I hate to admit that I didn’t want to stop. I wanted to taste her cum.

Stephanie stood up, her cock bobbing slightly. She reached down and pressed on my shoulders, wanting me to lay on my back for her. Once I was laid out flat and a condom placed over my cock, she hunched down over me, taking my cock in her hand, and led it into her “pussy.” She sat down on my cock, taking it all in with a low, guttural moan. “Oh, Daddy. It’s so nice that you’re so hard for me… for your daughter… Now, I’m going to fuck you Daddy. I want to feel you cum in me. I want you to know that you’re powerless to do anything but what I want…”

With that, she began to move up and down on her knees, letting my cock go in and out of her, stroking me with her powerful muscles. As she rode my cock, she began to stroke her own, tilting her head back and opening her mouth wide to moan some more. It was quite a sight to see… my “daughter” riding me, passion overwhelming she and I. I couldn’t help but moan myself as I felt myself getting closer to cumming while she was doing the same. The anticipation of seeing her erupt brought me even closer to the brink. Cumming inside her, I knew, would cement this relationship – I would belong to her and follow her commands. I think this realization is what took me over the edge.

Feeling me cum inside of her, Stephanie purred, “Oh, very good Daddy. Cum in your girl. Cum in your daughter….” With that, she gave another groan that became a cry of ecstasy as she began cumming herself. Hot jets of spunk landed on my chest, chin, and even in my open mouth. This pleased her to no end. She shuddered and slowed, looking down at me slyly, knowing that we had crossed into territory that she and her Mother had wanted for a long time coming.

She slid off of me, take the condom off my cock while she did it. “Now, Daddy, show me how much you want to serve me. Swallow every drop,” she said, squeezing the condom’s contents onto my waiting tongue. Eating my own cum before my own daughter, I couldn’t help but dream of what she might make me do next.

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