Dec 25, 2006

The Club: A Fantasy

I felt like a total chump. I was standing alone while the thump thump of the dance beat assaulted my ears. Apparently I had been stood up. I had driven down from university to meet some of my old high school cronies. Per their typical style, they were either extremely late or weren't showing up at all. This wasn't my idea of a good time. I'm not a dancer, and was only coming down for a few drinks and to find a corner where we might have a bit of conversation.

However, I was enjoying the scenery. Though the music wasn't really my style, the girls on the dance floor were extremely attractive to me. One in particular in a short skirt that showed a bit of creamy thigh between her hem and the top of her stockings really had my blood moving. She looked like she might have just as easily fit at a "fetish fashion show" as she did here at City Club. If it weren't for the trick of the lights, I'd have sworn she had caught my glance a few times.

It was later, as I stood by the bar waiting to get the bartender's attention, that I learned I was correct. I felt her even before I saw her standing next to me. She was burning a whole in the back of my head with her deeply radiant eyes. They were oddly indigo colored, perhaps enhanced with contact lenses, or perhaps natural. Regardless, they were eyes into which I could have fallen right there.

I knew that I should wait for her to talk first when I turned to look at her. "I saw you looking at me," she said matter-of-factly. "You enjoyed looking at me."

Even though she didn't phrase it as a question, I still felt obligated to nod. There was a moment of silence between us. I felt that she was looking inside of me with those piercing eyes and seeing things I didn't want seen. After what seemed like hours, she snapped her fingers and the bartender materialized. She ordered for us, not asking me what I wanted.

She stood about half a foot shorter than me - she would have been only about chest-high, had it not been for the extremely precarious heels she wore. Here indigo eyes were made brighter by the fact that her face was starkly pale except for the carefully glossed blood-red lips. Other men might have described her as "plump" while I found her simply voluptuous, even more so by the way her corset cinched her waist and made her breasts even more pronounced. I had taken in every inch of her that I could as she danced earlier. I didn't dare look at any part of her now, though, as we stayed locked in our own little world.

She watched me pay for our drinks and, as she sipped hers daintily, she said with a wry grin, "I know all about you." She saw my puzzled look and said, "No, we've never met. But I can read you like a book."

"I hope I'm a good read," I said, trying to be cute.

"Oh, it's one of my favorite stories. Even though I know how it ends, I go back and re-read it as often as I can. I'm constantly finding new twists in the tale."

I don't know what it was, but the way she said "twists" sent a visible shiver down my spin.

"Would you like to see me again?" she asked, taking me by surprise.

"You're leaving?"

"Yes, but I'm hoping to see you again tonight. You can, if you do something for me."

"Whatever you'd like," I blurted out, sounding a bit desperate.

"Oooh, goodie. Those are words that I like to hear. You're going to regret saying them, though. Let me tell you exactly what you need to do, to prove that you're worthy to see me again…."

An hour later I was knocking on her door. She lived just a few blocks away from the club and I stood on her stoop, shifting my weight nervously from foot to foot. My face was still flush and my heart still racing. I couldn't believe the predicament I had gotten myself into with this woman. Was I being at all smart or had my hormones taken over? Or was she actually fulfilling some kind of need I never knew I had had?

When she opened the door, I realized that it was the latter. A flood of emotions welled up and, before I even knew what I was doing, I fell to my knees and kissed the tops of her boots. She didn't say a word, as if this were a daily occurrence. After I planted kisses on both of her patent leather boots, she merely said, "Enter," and walked into her abode.

As I got up and walked behind her, I thought of the things she had whispered to me at the club. Her mouth nearly pressed against my ear to push back the noise, her words had set my mind reeling. It was like looking to the solution to the toughest crossword puzzle you ever faced. Here she was, filling in all of the words I didn't know, answering all of the questions, and unlocking the secret to the puzzle. In this case, the puzzle was me. She seemed to know me better than I knew myself, telling me things about me that I never thought anyone knew.

She told me that she could tell that I was sexually submissive. "A subbie," she called me. She recalled my entire sexual history without me having to say a word to correct her. She said a few words, knowing that they would turn me on completely. It was if I was an instrument and she were playing me flawlessly.

She gave me a condom and told me that it was the key to make it past her threshold. "I need you to go into the bathroom and find someone to make a deposit. You can't fill this with your own cum, because I'll know. I want you to go to the third stall in and wait. Pretty soon you'll find someone who will let you suck them off."

She just about lost me right there. Though I had had bisexual fantasies, I had never acted upon them. And I had never done anything so lascivious as she was suggesting… commanding. She didn't say any more other than, "You know what you have to do" before getting up and leaving.

I sat there, stunned, for a long while. I knew that this was a turning point in my life. I also knew that it was something I had to do. Resolved, I walked into the bathroom.

"Did it take you long to find a volunteer?" she asked as she sat down on her divan and motioned for me to kneel before her.

"Surprisingly, no," I said.

"Surprising to you, maybe," she said with a grin. "Stall three has a bit of a reputation. And you might soon, too." She laughed. "Now, show me my prize."

I took the soiled condom out of my shirt pocket, tied neatly at the end.

Without knowing where it came from, she took a large, serrated knife and cut the end off of the condom. "Now, open your mouth wide," she said. "Stick your tongue out far."

Doing so, she took the condom and squeezed out its still-warm contents onto my tongue. When she was satisfied with the amount, she leaned over and brought her face close to mine. I loved her scent. She touched her tongue to mine, tasting the cum.

"Swallow," she said, her hand gently touching my throat, feeling my muscles work to down the load of cum on my tongue. Her touch made it all worthwhile, as I tasted the salty load, struggling to keep from gagging as I felt it slide down my throat.

"You can't fill it with your own cum, because I'll know," she had said. Those words wrapped themselves around the base of my brain, choking off all other thought. Of course, this was the first idea I had - I had never done what she had proposed. I hadn't seen another man's cock since gym class in high school and I had certainly never touched one, much less put one in my mouth. But, the idea that this act would gain me admission into her world, it certainly seemed like an extremely costly but easy price to pay.

Easy? What was I thinking? My mind was reeling as I sat in the third stall of the men's room. This had to be the most dimly lit restroom I had ever been in over the course of my life. The place reeked of marijuana and poppers. Before I had the chance to get up and run, the door to the stall opened. The twenty-something goth male who came in didn't speak a word. He merely looked down and nodded at me, reaching into his pants and taking out his cock. It looked as if it had already begun to grow. I knew that the condom was useless at this state; I had to get him harder. I got down on my knees, self conscious that my pants were touching the surely filthy floor. I hesitantly touched his cock with my hand and it reacted to my fingers as if I had shocked it to life. It began growing madly, getting bigger at an astounding rate.

I took it in my hand fully now, feeling the heat under my palm. I began stroking it like I like to be stroked. The man moaned and this turned me on, that I was giving him pleasure. I took the condom out of my shirt pocket and ripped it open with my teeth, using my left hand to roll it down the length of him while I did my best to keep touching him with my right. Fully covered in latex, I knew that I had to do next.

I took the head of his cock and rubbed it over my lips. I suddenly had a strange and shocking thought, "I wish that I could feel this without the rubber on." Was I enjoying this? I had to admit that I was. My cock was rock hard in my pants. I heard another moan and realized that it came not from the man whose cockhead I was licking but from me. I took more of his cock in my mouth, wondering if I'd be able to fit the whole thing in. Does that really feel better than just the tip? I had to wonder because I had never had this done to me - by either a man or a woman. I was twenty years old and still a virgin in quite a few senses of the word.

So, here I was sucking a guy's cock when I hadn't even "gotten my wick wet" as the saying goes. It felt so right, though, and so good. I was taking him as deep as I could, afraid of gagging. I didn't want to throw up! I just wanted to give this guy as much pleasure as I could. I began really sucking, making sure that my teeth weren't hitting him at all, making my lips smooth and taut as they went up and down on his shaft.

I couldn't believe it, but it felt like he was getting even harder and bigger as I moved my head up and down. And, suddenly, I heard him say "Oh, shit!" With that, he began bucking his hips, pushing himself deeper into my mouth than I would have liked, but I also felt the warm flow of cum filling the condom. He slowed and pulled his deflating dick from my mouth. He yanked the condom off and went to throw it in the toilet behind me. I had to stop him and tell him that I wanted a souvenir. "Whatever, freak," he said, putting his cock back in his pants and leaving.

"Now, let's see if you followed my directions," she said. "Strip, all the way down, and get on your hands and knees. Place your clothes on the chair over there." While I nervously unbuttoned my shirt, she got up and walked out of the room. I couldn't believe either how fortunate or how dumb I was - I had yet to make up my mind on that one - as I stripped in this relative stranger's house. It occurred to me then that I didn't even know her name.

Eerily, the first words out of her mouth upon her return were, "You may refer to me as Mistress Lily." And, with that, she menacingly snapped the rubber gloves she had donned.

I got down on my hands and knees, my cock hard and exposed. She ran kneeled down next to me and ran her latex-covered hands over me, inspecting me. I knew at that moment that I belonged to her and was powerless to do anything about it (not that I really wanted to do anything contrary to her wishes). It almost sounded as if she were purring as she gently touched and probed my body. "Very nice," she whispered to herself. When her hands found my cock she whispered, "Very nice indeed."

"Thank you, Mistress Lily," I responded, not sure if I should say anything but wanted to acknowledge her compliment.

Ignoring me, she began stroking my cock. While this may sound highly erotic - and it was - it also had an element of chore to it. She wasn't masturbating me so much as she was milking me - testing my reactions and pushing me. I was getting hotter by the second, listening to her breathing get faster as she worked her hand harder. It was when she slid a finger from her other hand inside of my tight ass that I couldn't take any more. "You must ask permission before you cum," she warned me, sternly. I knew that I didn't want to know or experience the consequences. So, as quickly as I could, I asked for permission.

"So soon? No, I'm rather enjoying this," she said, starting to pump her finger deeper inside of my ass, working now in time with the hand stroking my cock. I didn't want to disappoint her but she was taking me right to the edge of orgasm, and it felt like I was going to cross that brink. Without even realizing it, I started whimpering.

"Oh, poor baby," she said with open mockery. "Is this too much for you?" she asked, slipping another finger inside of me. "Does he like to get assfucked?"

I whimpered again, hating to admit how much I enjoyed the feel of her fingers violating my ass. "Does he?" she demanded.

"Yes, Mistress Lily," I admitted.

"Good…. I'm sure that I can help out with that. I've got a big dildo that I'd like to fuck you with… if you can prove you're a good boy. Prove it right now. Cum for me."

With those three words, I exploded, my cum hitting the wooden floor beneath me, her hands milking the last few drops from me. I hated to admit it, but when she removed her fingers from my bottom, I missed them. I wanted them back in me.

"Oh my, look at the mess you made," she said, removing her gloves and sitting back down on her divan. "That simply won't do. Get down there and clean that up. Don't swallow it all, though, leave some on your tongue."

I did as she said. It was difficult, tasting more cum. But I wanted to make her floors spotless. With a tongueful still present, I kneeled before her once again, my limp cock twitching as she leaned over to taste a drop.

"Mmmm…" she moaned. I told you that I could tell if you came in that condom. I'm glad to see that you didn't. I'm glad to know that I know own a cocksucking whore. You passed your first test. Tomorrow will be your second. But, now, you'll crawl behind me to my bedroom. We have a little more business before I need to sleep."

I knew that I needed to crawl, rather than walk, behind her as she made her way down the hall to her boudoir. I loved the look of her ass in motion as she walked before me, leading the way. I felt exhausted and exhilarated all at once.

Her bedroom was awash in candlelight. I wasn't sure if it was a vast or small space as everything quickly went off into blackness. The only light apart from the candles seemed to come from Mistress Lily herself; her skin so pale that it seemed luminescent. Without ceremony, she told me to kneel as she lowered her underwear from beneath her skirt.

"You did well tonight, subbie. I'm going to give you two rewards. Here is the first," she said as she draped her panties over my head, allowing me to smell her scent. I inhaled deeply, enjoying her aroma. All too soon, she removed them and threw them at her hamper.

She bent over the bed and raised her skirt. "Here's the other," she said. "Lick my asshole until I cum." This hit me in the face like a bucket of ice water. The idea of licking someone's anus seemed deeply repulsive to me. Wouldn't I get sick? Weren't there germs there? But, yet, somewhere inside of me, I knew that I had to do what she commanded. And, moreover, I knew that she wouldn't have me do something that would harm me. And, for some reason, I assumed that she, like all girls, kept herself very clean. Still unsure, I took her asscheeks in my hands and spread them wide. I looked down to see her pretty pink pucker and knew what I had to do.

I lowered my face and put my tongue against her tight sphincter. I began licking it like I had read that a man should lick a woman's vagina. I began with small circles and then darted my tongue into her quickly. It was after I heard her moan that I knew I was doing something right.

My repulsion soon diffused and was replaced by pure pleasure. I began licking her with abandon, pushing my tongue deeper and deeper. She actually tasted delicious, a bit like candy. I buried my face between her fleshy asscheeks. As I had felt lost in her eyes I was now lost in her ass. Time stood still for me. I felt that I could do this all night and into the next day. I was absolutely in love with the sensations I was experiencing and the knowledge that I was pleasing her.

It took me a while to hear the noise that I realized had been in the room for a while now. It started like a low purr but had turned into a higher pitched wail. At first I thought it was an air raid siren or a cat in heat. Instead, it was coming from Mistress Lily. I almost slowed but realized that she wasn't in pain but in extreme pleasure. I began tonguing her deeper and deeper - flicking my tongue around the entrance to her ass. I could feel her begin to shake, her legs coming up and going over my shoulders, pulling me closer, deeper inside. I could smell her scent again, fresh and overwhelming. I could feel the heat from her sex on my chin as I tongued her faster now.

Mistress Lily let loose with a string of muffled obscenities. Her legs began twitching and shaking like mad. I didn't stop and I didn't want to stop. I wanted to lick her forever. Finally, she moved her hand back and pushed my forehead back, removing me from her ass. "Good boy," she said, exhausted.

She crawled up onto her bed and patted the spot next to her, inviting me to join her. She reached into her bedside table and pulled something out. She handed it to me and told me to put it on. It was a short pink nightgown - I think it might be called a "baby doll nightie." In no mood to argue, and knowing that I shouldn't, I put it on over my head and lay down next to her. She wrapped her leg over me and soon fell asleep. I felt like I was in my skin for the first time.

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