Dec 31, 2006

The Forest: A Recollection

One of the strangest nights I've ever had was one of the last times I saw Sally. It was a chilly Spring evening which was quickly turning into night. We took a rather sordid selection of wine, cheese, meat and crackers and headed to the nearby college town where we secreted our way into the university's arboretum.

We crept through the foliage, avoiding other couples and untold numbers of folks enjoying a joint in the fresh dark, and spread our blanket on a hillside. We indulged in some finger foods and wine (drinking from plastic cups) before settling back and making out for a while.

Sally had long expressed a fantasy that I was determined to fulfill that night. It was one that scared me half to death. Sally wanted to be taken by force. "I want to be raped," she had whispered to me as I made her divulge her deepest secrets. Even in play, this kind of fantasy took a lot of trust on both of our parts but, really, it took me a lot more time and trust than it did her. She knew I wouldn't hurt her too badly and that it was all in fun. For me, though, I had always been taught to respect ladies. Even calling her names was difficult for me when we first got together.

But tonight, as we were kissing there in the dark woods, I grabbed her arms at the wrist and held her down. She looked at me questioningly and tried to move her arms. My one hand held both of her wrists tight. I kissed her again, hard, and she tried to move her head away. I grabbed her head with my other hand and pulled her mouth to mine. I could tell by her breathing that she was getting excited. I could barely see her eyes by the moonlight but would have seen them wide if I could.

I kept one hand on her wrists. With the other I reached between us and undid her pants, pulling them down roughly. Her underwear came next. My knee went between her legs and pulled the jeans and panties down farther. Far enough so that I could enter her. Had it not been for her reactions and knowing that I was finally fulfilling one of her fantasies, I could have had a limp dick once I exposed myself to the chill night hair. But, I felt between her legs and felt her pussy wetter than it had ever been in our time together.

After donning a condom I had brought with me just for this purpose, I rammed into her hard and fast. She orgasmed with the first thrust. Knowing how her body worked, I kept fucking her and held her wrists tighter. She started to struggle again. The more she struggled, the more I "fought" back and the harder I thrusted. My mouth was by her ear and I grunted unpleasantries like, "I'm gonna fuck this cunt all night, you whore. You can fight but you're not going to get away, bitch."

This sent her over the edge again and she came loud, her cry echoing around us in the underbrush. As I grunted louder, getting more excited by her orgasms, she built up yet again. I could feel her pussy grasping at my cock and I knew when she would cum again. I managed to orgasm just as she was soaring over the edge again.

It took a lot for me to not apologize to her and make sure that she was doing well, coddling her afterwards. Instead, I rolled over and pulled her close to me. She was panting hard. Our sweat felt twice as cold in the chilly night air. I held her and brushed the sweat from her forehead as she slowly regained her normal heartbeat. There was no talking afterwards. She pulled back on her clothes and I redid my trousers before we rolled up the blanket and took our leave of the forest.

As I kissed her good night, she thanked me for helping to make another one of her fantasies come true.

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