Dec 7, 2006

Sybarta Speaks

I continue to speak with Sybatra, afraid that I will lose her to the winds of time again so I'm trying to hold on to her tight. She still owns quite a large part of my heart being my first Domme and regaining her has filled me with more happiness than I've experienced in years.

It seems that people always break themselves into three areas -- the head, the heart, and the genitals (sorry, couldn't think of an alliterative "h" for that). The head for logic, the heart for passion, the genitals for lust. When I say that Sybarta owns a part of my heart, it really feels like she owns something else. Certainly, she appeals to my logic and lust but there's something farther down... deeper than the heart. I suppose it's the "guts."

After not hearing her voice (except on tape) for nine years, when she spoke to me the other day it was like a punch to the gut. I lost my breath and my eyes welled up. It was a shocking and wholly satisfying experience. And that was just a simple conversation! Last night she took me back to a place where I'd not been for too long.

Her words weaved webs around me, ensnaring me and taking me into our secret world. I was where I belonged; on my knees and open to her probing fingers and piercing voice. It was that voice, deep and rich like freshly turned soil, that had captivated me so well before and here it was again... leading me into those places of unknown familiarity deep in my mind.

The scenes that Sybarta creates often start off as something simple and familiar but they quickly take a left turn into this special territory where I'm always surprised to see what's around the next corner. When she was done with me, I was left bruised and panting at the side of the road with the sound of her laughter fading like departing tail lights in the dark. Ahhh, it feels so good to be hers.

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