Dec 18, 2006

Teaching The Teacher Story 3

“Has it been a month already?” she asked; her hand on the open door. She was even more lovely than he remembered. She was dressed as she had been last time; white blouse, black skirt, glasses. If had to choose one word to describe her, it would have been “commanding.” It might have been the glare in her eye or the way her other hand was placed on her hip. More likely, it was her tone of voice and the way she managed to look down on him, despite her being a few inches shorter than he.

“Yes, Mistress,” he stammered, still getting used to the term. In the mornings she was his English teacher. Whenever he wasn’t in class he was to address her as “Mistress” and know that she owned him. She hadn’t communicated with him at all until today when she included a note on his homework with a time and the words, “same place.”

“You may enter,” she said. Once he was in the vestibule she told him to strip completely. He still felt incredibly embarrassed, removing his clothes in front of his teacher. He never felt as naked and vulnerable. She had him kneel, deeply, and kiss the top of her shoe as a sign of his submission to her.

She walked around him and stood behind him. He could sense her behind him and it excited him even more. If he listened hard enough, he thought that he could hear her breathe. Without warning, he was plunged into darkness as a blindfold was placed over his eyes and secured tightly. Then he felt what he could only imagine to be her shoe on his mid back. “Down,” she said. Now on all fours, she had him crawl forward, trusting that she wouldn’t run him into any furniture.


He stopped and kneeled again for her. He could hear her move around in front of him. From what he could discern, she sat down. And then the questions began.

“Have you thought about me since the last time we were together?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Have you masturbated while thinking of me?”

“No, Mistress.”

“You haven’t?”

“No, Mistress. You told me that I couldn’t.”

“What did you think of while you jerked that pathetic prick?”

“Cocks, Mistress.”

“Oh? Any cocks in particular?”

“You told me to think of the cocks of the boys in my classes, Mistress.”

“And you did. Good boy. Did it make you hungry for cock, slut?”

“A bit, Mistress.”

“Only a bit? Did you think about sucking a cock for me? Coming over here and showing me how well you can service a cock? You know that you’re not good enough for pussy. Perhaps you’re good enough to suck a cock like a little whore.”

“When I thought about sucking cock for you, Mistress, it made me hungry for it.”

“Of course it did, slut. And your girlfriend? Did she break up with you as I predicted?”

“Yes, Mistress. She dumped me about a week after we last saw each other.”

“Did she find out what a sissy slut you are?”

“I’m not sure, Mistress. She just said that she couldn’t see me any more.”

“I’m sure that I helped out with that one. Some of the pictures I took of you turned out beautifully.”

He sat in stunned silence. He had had a feeling that something like that had occurred but couldn’t be sure. He also couldn’t be sorry as he knew that Mistress Belladonna was doing what was best for him. He felt that she could see inside of him and was bringing out the creature that lived within, a beast that she saw but that remained hidden to him until she unleashed it.

She let the implications sink in before adding, “I’ll have plenty of other good photos after today, I’m sure. I’m going to introduce you to your new girlfriend today.” Standing up, she removed his blindfold. After adjusting his eyes to the low candlelight, he heard her say, “Say hello to Stephanie.”

Before him sat a lovely young woman with curly blonde hair and a sweet smile.

“Hello,” he said, his voice shaking. He felt even more self conscious than before.

“Get up, sit next to Stephanie, hold her hand…. There, that’s a lovely couple. I want to see you two kiss now.”

Like young lovers on a first date, they leaned into each other with trepidation and their lips met. Mistress Belladonna sat across from them, watching, critiquing, and advising. “Very good, now put your hand on her back. That’s right. Pull him closer, Stephanie. Now, kiss her deeper. I want your tongues traveling over each other.”

He was getting very aroused and Mistress Belladonna made note of it.

“I want you see why Stephanie is such a perfect girl for you. Get back on your knees between her legs. Stephanie, pull up your skirt. Now, pull down your panties.”

There before him hung Stephanie’s long, erect, cock.

“There it is, slut. There’s what you’ve be dreaming of. Doesn’t it look good? Doesn’t it make your mouth water?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Mistress Belladonna laughed. “I thought it would. Kiss it for me.”

He leaned forward and kissed the head of Stephanie’s cock.

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Lick it. Lick from the head of it down to the base.”

He took the tip of his tongue and ran it down the vein on the underside of the cock. He couldn’t help but moan with pleasure, feeling the hardness of it under his tongue.

“Very good. More?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“Take the head of it in your mouth and just hold it there. Move your tongue around it, get used to the feel of it.”

He slid his lips around the head and tongued the opening. He loved the feel of it. He loved the taste. He loved knowing that he was doing this for Her.

“Isn’t that a pretty sight? Is he doing well, Stephanie?”

“Yes, Mistress,” said Stephanie demurely.

“Would you like him to suck you more?”

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

“You heard the lady, slut. Take more of her into your mouth. Lips and tongue only, no teeth.”

He slid his mouth along the length of Stephanie’s sex, taking her deeper. He felt her harden as she went deeper into his mouth. He ran is tongue all along her length, feeling her warmth on his lips.

Down and down he went. Once he managed to get the entire length in his mouth he heard Mistress Belladonna tell him, “Just hold it there. Get used to it. Get used to the feeling of a cock in your mouth, slut. This won’t be an isolated incident. You’re going to have quite a few cocks in you as long as you continue to serve me. Cocksucking will become second nature to you. Feel it pulse. Feel it get harder. Feel her wanting to pull out of your mouth so she can push back in. She’s going to fuck your mouth, bitch. Do you understand that? You’re mouth is just a hole for her to use. It’s a hole to cum in. You’re here only for our pleasure, that’s it. You’re a fucktoy. Are you ready to be fucked? Are you ready to feel how it is to really suck a cock?”

He could only say, “Mmm Hmm.”

With that, Mistress Belladonna nodded to Stephanie who proceeded to pull herself out of his mouth before plunging back in. Mistress Belladonna stood behind him, holding his head, while Stephanie began fucking his mouth. She would plunge herself all the way deep and hold herself there while he began to choke before pulling out and letting him breathe a bit. Then, she’d push herself back in. Soon he found her pumping in and out of her quickly, his head resting against Mistress Belladonna as Stephanie fucked his mouth. It felt like she was getting even bigger as she became more aroused. All the while, he could hear Mistress Belladonna encouraging Stephanie, “Yes, fuck him harder. Give him his first taste of cum. I want him to drink you. You’re such a good girl.”

It was a little while later when he heard Stephanie breathlessly ask permission to cum. Upon approval from Mistress Belladonna, he began to taste the salty tang of cum on his tongue while feeling Stephanie’s sex pumping it deep into his gullet. The warm liquid filled him and he had to swallow several times to keep from choking on it. As his throat worked to get it all down he heard Mistress Belladonna say, “That’s right, slut. Guzzle it all, you cumsucker.”

After Stephanie was drained, Mistress Belladonna had him stand. He stood in front of Stephanie and was told to place his cock between Stephanie’s legs. When they were so close together, he found Mistress Belladonna binding him and Stephanie together. Knees, elbows, shoulders, and waists were all secured by tight rope. Each time they adjusted, he felt his cock rubbing between Stephanie’s thighs. Soon they were bound completely. Mistress Belladonna then blindfolded them both. He heard her walking around them. He heard the rattle of chains. And, before he knew it, he heard the singing sail of a paddle. It landed on Stephanie, causing her to jump. Her pain quickly became his pleasure as his cock rubbed between her legs again.

Another blow found his rump, stinging him. Blows landed on him and Stephanie randomly. Just when he thought he would feel the paddle again, he would hear it land on Stephanie. Mistress Belladonna switched from paddle to flogger to a thin stick that acted like a cane. The pain was excruciating at times but it felt like Stephanie was taking twice as much with ease. At one point he even felt her cock begin to unfurl against his belly with excitement.

Eventually, Mistress Belladonna put down her implements of pain and brought out a few of pleasure. She stroked their skin with feathers and fur. She cooed praise, telling them that they were good for taking so much pain and for serving her so well, knowing that it must be tough for sluts such as them to be obedient and to think with something other than their sexual organs.

A snap of rubber and the click of a cap were soon followed with the chill of a lubricant being applied to their behinds – first one and then the other. Exercising her power further, Mistress Belladonna began to explore their asses with her glove-covered fingers. She pushed in and out of them in rhythm. He and Stephanie pushed together deliciously, each being turned on more and more as they were opened and penetrated. Deeper and deeper Mistress Belladonna went, inserting more fingers, opening up her playthings further.

Soon she loosened their bonds and had Stephanie lay on a bed. Mistress Belladonna wrapped a condom over his still-erect cock and lubed it up. “Go to her, slut. You may take her…. While I take you.”

Stephanie, on her back with legs now in the air, was open for his cock. After he carefully penetrated her, he felt Mistress Belladonna join them on the bed and felt him being opened again. And this time he knew that it was her strap-on cock that was finding its way inside of him, rather than her fingers. His cock in Stephanie, he could feel Mistress Belladonna’s cock in him. “Fuck her,” she whispered in his ear, loud enough for Stephanie to hear. He began pumping in and out of Stephanie while Mistress Belladonna would slam into him on each pull-out and pull out of him on each push-in. She wrapped her arms around him and tweaked his nipples roughly as he fucked Stephanie.

“Mistress, may I cum?” he asked.

“No, you may not. Stop fucking her right now. Just hold still, I’m not done fucking you yet.”

His cock still hard and still deep in Stephanie, Mistress Belladonna continued to pummel his ass over and over again until she was satisfied. After she pulled out, she told him to lie on the floor.

“You’ve been a good boy and I’ll let you cum but you’ll do it by jacking off under me. Now, you tell me when you’re going to cum,” she said as she stood over him. “Close your fucking eyes.”

It didn’t take long for him to reach his climax again. He asked again for permission. As a response, he felt the warm liquid of her urine splashing over his cock. “Yes, you may,” she hissed as he began to cum hard, his spunk mixing with her golden nectar.

“Go clean up, I’m done with you but I think Stephanie has some more fun in store for you. When she knocks on the door, you will belong to her for the rest of the evening. Now go.”

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