Dec 18, 2006

Teaching the Teacher

One of the biggest compliments that I've ever gotten was when I was asked by my friend, Mistress Red, to help her in educating her protege, Mistress Belladonna.

Belladonna was a nineteen year-old girl who had found out about Red's former profession and wanted to learn the ropes, as it were, of being a professional Dominatrix. Red had gone over the theory but it was time to get to the practice and she asked me to be their guinea pig. Apparently I'm open to quite a wide range and always willing to try new things. And, my ability to form complete sentences helped as well.

I was asked to write down some different scenarios and send them along to spark ideas for them and provide discussion points. Now, I'm not into "scripting" scenarios so this was a bit difficult for me. Rather than providing explicit instructions or paragraph-length fantasies, I shot over a tale of debauchery that I felt would have introduced Belladonna to one of the more challenging aspects of D/s -- roleplaying.

For your reading pleasure, I present that tale. It's based directly on another experience I had with a woman named Xena. For a while it stood as the best role-playing time I had ever had.

She was my teacher and I came over to her house one night after school to discuss a bad grade I got. She was a complete bitch of a teacher -- she gave me a bad grade for no good reason and wouldn't discuss it during class.

Well, that wouldn't do. I was getting ready to apply for college and I needed a great grade in this class.

You should have seen her face when she opened the door and saw me there.

Surprise mixed with outrage.

She asked me what "the fuck" I was doing there.

I stammered as I tried to explain and she told me to buzz off and closed the door in my face.

I waited a few minutes and knocked again.

She was incensed.

I tried to plead my case and she finally told me to get my ass inside, that her neighbors would talk if they saw one of her students loitering on her porch.

She told me to sit on her couch. Oddly, she was watching pornographic films on her TV. Some really far out stuff.

I had to look though I tried to hide my eyes when I did.

Acting as if everything was normal, she sat across from me on a stool, looking down at me, arms crossed.

"Okay, let's try this again. Tell me why you felt that you had the right to violate my privacy."

Again, I ran through my spiel. Good grade needed, college applications. Need to fix this grade. Et cetera. All the while my knees were knocking a bit and my cock getting uncomfortably hard at the sounds of the moans and slurping coming from the TV.

"I'm not about to change that grade, Michael. You did a lousy job and you got a lousy grade. Case closed."

"But, what was so wrong?" I asked, my heart racing.


"For Chrissakes, Michael. What is the problem? Haven't you ever seen people fucking? Do you have a problem with what's on my TV?"

"No, Ma'am... I just..."

"This is the problem. Now you've come in to my sanctuary and you'll go back to all of your little friends and tell them what a pervert your English teacher is. You probably think that you can make me agree to give you a good grade if you keep your mouth shut."

"No... no, Ma'am." I said, amazed that I hadn't thought of the idea myself.

"That's right, you won't do that or else I'll tell them what you did for me."

"What's that, Ma'am?"

"I've got one way you can get a good grade on that paper, Michael. You said you'd do anything for a better grade. Well, I'm about to give you an opportunity to do anything."

She told me to stand and strip. It took me a while to take her seriously but a swat on my rump definitely told me that she wasn't kidding around.

I couldn't believe that I was standing naked in front of her once every inch of clothing was gone.

I tried to cover my engorged cock but she wouldn't let me. In fact, she took it upon herself to examine it and started asking me embarrassing questions.

She wanted to know how often I played with myself, how far I've gone with a girl, she even asked if I've ever thought about being with another boy!

I had to admit that I masturbated twice a day and that I've only ever touched a girl's breasts and had never thought about being with a boy.

"You should try it, its fun," she said, giving me a wink.

She had me lay down on her carpet. She stood above me, and walked around me, taking stock of my body. It felt like she was larger than life. Before I knew it, she was standing over me, straddling my head with her feet, and I was looking up her skirt at her black panties.

She knew I was looking at her, teasing me. She dropped down and pinned my arms down with her knees. It was slightly difficult to breath with her legs on either side of my head but it was worth it. I was given the privilege of returning her gaze as she looked down at me, helpless.

Her pussy was mere inches from my face with only a thin piece of fabric from her panties between it and me. She allowed me to feel her warmth by lowering herself onto my face. She allowed me to take in her heady aroma. She even allowed me to hear that her pussy was wet, by sticking a finger into her panties and inserting it into her. I would do anything to smell or taste that finger.

Knowing this, she asked me if I'd take a beating to taste her. "Yes, yes, anything," I say, breathlessly. She got off of me and had me kneel, my ass in the air, resting on my elbows. I heard her move behind me and I shuddered. Before I knew it, I heard the soft whistling of what I later learned was a "cat of nine tails." The tails of the cat made contact with my ass, stinging me slightly and surprising me more.

She gave me ten blows, I felt my butt get hot from the whipping. I whimpered between each of them, at once wincing from the pain and realizing that each blow made me more aroused.

"There, there. That's a good little pussy boy. You do want to take another for me, don't you?"

Of course I did. I whispered, "Yes, please."

Another blow landed upon me. And then another. And a third. Each making my body jump with the stinging pain.

"What do you say, slut?" she asks, her eyes locked onto mine.

"Thank you. Thank you for the pain."

"Good boy. Seems that you might not be as stupid as I thought. Let's see how quick of a study you are."

She had me turn around and sat down before me. She removed her panties, allowing me to see her bare, shaved pussy. "Eat me," she said.

After a while she had me stand and wrapped a few rubber bands around my balls, snapping them and hurting me. She left the room and came back with some clothespins that she used on my nipples, enjoying every little whimper.

She had me get back down on my knees and told me that she was going to give me another first....

With that, I felt her fingers going up and down the crack of my ass, massaging my virgin asshole.

I didn't even need to ask what she planned on doing as I felt drops of lubricant hit where her fingers had just been.

She used one finger at first but it felt like it might as well have been five as she pushed inside of me.

She started fucking me with one finger and asked me if I could take two. I don't know where it came from but I nodded in assent.

Two fingers became three and, finally four.

"Damn, you little slut, if we had more time, I'd fist your fucking ass," she said, finally pulling her hand out of me and leaving me crumpled on the floor.

As a final act of humiliation she had me masturbate in front of her, her hand cupped at the end of my cock. When I came she held it up and made me slurp it out of her palm.

She took the paper and wrote "B+" on it, giving it back to me and telling me that my next paper could be an A if I kept working as well as I had.

With that, she told me to get the fuck out of her house and that if I mentioned this to anyone that she had a nice videocassette that she could share with my teenage friends.

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