Dec 26, 2006

Lonely in L.A.

I don't do this. I simply don't. But I was emboldened by the loneliness of being in a strange city without any friends around. I was taking my first trip to Los Angeles for an appearance on a game show. I'd be getting up bright and early the next morning and was spending the evening alone in a hotel restaurant. A group of what I could only guess were "regulars" were circled around the bar watching a basketball game and nursing their drinks.

It was a pretty sad group of people with the exception of a very attractive young lady. What she was doing among this group was a mystery. I was quickly becoming obsessed with the lines of her stockings and the shape of her neck as she turned to occasionally discuss the game with her neighbors.

"How ya doin', hon?" asked the waitress as she brought another beer. She'd been setting me up all evening without me having to ask. Emboldened by the alcohol, I asked if she could make sure that the young lady at the bar got another round of whatever she was drinking on me.

I didn't expect anything to come of it except maybe a wink and a nod. I'm not particularly good at being suave. I definitely didn't expect her to come over to my table, drink in hand, and sit down across from me.

"To whom do I owe this pleasure?" she asked, extending her free hand across the table, her long nails glittering in the light. I stammered my way through an introduction and managed to make some small talk with her. She had a voice like rust and told me her name was Harlow ("Just like the movie star," she said). The more we talked, the more we drank, and the more I got the feeling that Harlow was waiting to ask her back to my room.

Who was I to refuse such a pretty lady?

I felt like I had to be dreaming as we made our way to my cheap little room. Even though it was late, the L.A. air was stiflingly hot and the nearby traffic maintained its dull roar. Had I not known, I would have thought it was the drone of the ocean.

Once inside, Harlow plopped on my bed, nearly spilling the drink she got "for the road." Not wasting any time, she reached into her purse and took out a condom, placing it on the bedside table. With a lascivious wink in my direction, she asked if I minded making out first.

"Of course I don't mind," I said, sitting down next to her and taking her hand in mine. I looked into her bright green eyes and put my mouth to hers. She quickly slipped her tongue into my mouth. She took her hand out of mine and moved it behind my head, pushing my face closer to hers.

That kiss took my breath away but it was nothing compared to the sensation of her hand reaching down, unbuttoning my shirt, and finding one of my nipples between her sharp fingernails. I practically melted under her as she roughly tweaked my left nipple. I moaned into her mouth and she moaned back with the pleasure of knowing that I was falling under her spell.

That's what it felt like, too. It was probably the drinking mixed with lust but I felt like I was beguiled. With expert skill, she quickly had me out of my shirt and pants, leaned back on the bed over me, her tongue still exploring my mouth while her hands became familiar with my body.

I wanted her. I wanted to touch her the way she was touching me. And quickly she was ready to let me.

She stood up, towering over me while I lay on the bed, and lifted her skirt before straddling my face and putting her panties on my mouth. I could feel the warmth of her sex but immediately sensed that something was wrong. The sweet smell of pussy was replaced with something else something… masculine. I wasn't really sure what to do. I was dismayed but, at the same time, completely turned on by her. And, to tell the truth, with my arms pinned and legs hanging over the edge of the bed, I was in a rather precarious situation.

She sensed my hesitation and kneeled back on her heels. "What's the matter, baby? You didn't know what you brought home?" And, with that, she pulled her panties down and released her sizeable cock from her dainty panties. It was inches above my face as she started stroking it. Then she moved it down and placed it against my lips.

"Kiss it," she said. And, surprising myself, I did. I began kissing the head of her cock gently. She moaned and moved herself forward, pushing past my parted lips and putting more of her cock in my mouth. "That's a good little faggot. Suck Daddy's cock."

And with that, I was hers. Those words just melted me completely. I began bobbing my head up and down on her cock like I had had done to me a handful of times in the past. "Oh, that's good… Have you done this before?" she asked, and laughed.

She got off of me and laid back on the bed, her legs splayed. "Come here and suck Daddy some more," she cooed. I lay between her legs and started licking her hard cock again. I have her long licks, taking the length of it under my tongue.

"You like sucking Daddy's cock, don't you? Such a good little girl." It was so odd having her say this, having her call herself "Daddy" and calling me a "girl" but it all worked. It was all a turn on.

"Has Daddy's girl been fucked before?" she asked. Of course I had, but not in the way she was asking.

"No, Daddy," I said, between licks.

"Then lay on your back."

I rolled over and she moved off the bed. She took the condom from the nightstand - a condom I surely thought was for me not a half hour earlier - and rolled it down her long hard cock. My own cock was sticking straight up as I waited for her. She reached into her purse and pulled out a tube of Astroglide and applied some to her latex-clad cock and more to her hands.

She got onto the bed and had me lift my legs high, placing them on her shoulders. She started stroking my cock with her slick hands, relaxing me, preparing me for what was to come. It didn't take long before I felt the pressure against my anus of her cock. "Relax, baby. Let Daddy in," she said.

And, with that, she pushed past the ring of my sphincter and was inside of me. I was amazed at what little discomfort and what great pleasure I felt. I moaned and this fueled her to push harder and deeper. "You like that, little girl?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy," I said, moaning even louder. "Fuck me like a girl, Daddy, fuck me like a girl."

She began stroking me harder as she started bucking her hips, her cock going in and out of me. I couldn't take much more. She was taking me to the brink, and fast.

"Oh, Daddy, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" I whimpered as she thrust deeper inside of me.

"Then cum, bitch!" she commanded. And I did, all over. And, as I came, I felt her give one more deep push before crying out, "Oh, yes!" She shuddered and I felt what could only be the condom inside of me filling with her hot spunk. She stayed in me a few second more, shuddering and shaking a bit before pulling out of me and removing her condom.

She flopped down on top of me before rolling off and lying beside me. My chest rose and fell rapidly as I caught my breath. I got the panicked feeling that she would get up and leave. "Please don't leave yet, Harlow, I need to play with you some more."

"Oh, honey, don't you worry. I'm going to be hard again in twenty minutes and you're going to feel what it's like when I cum in your mouth next."

I liked that even more.

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