Dec 21, 2006

A Dream I Once Had

Had I thought that the entrance to Lady Emily’s palace was grand, it was nothing compared to her actual court chamber. To call it ornate would be a sad understatement. It was absolutely breath taking. However, despite the way the sun glittered through the stained glass panels high above the chamber, the beautiful rays of light paled in comparison to the woman who sat in the throne at the end of the carpeted walkway on which I progressed. I had heard of Lady Emily’s grace and elegance but the words had never captured our monarch’s stunning loveliness. She was so stunning that I had to lower my eyes, keeping them on my bare feet.

Not only was I embarrassed to be in the presence of our Queen but, to add to my humiliation, I had been forced to remove my clothes before being allowed entrance. The guards snickered as they told me that it was a “security precaution.” Two guards stood on either side of me, escorting me to Lady Emily.

When I reached the end of the walkway, I’m not certain why I did it but it felt right to fall to my knees and bow to her. I heard a feminine chuckle. “Very good. What do we have here?” she asked.

“M’Lady, this is a commoner who has begged to see you. He wishes to give himself to you.”

“Give? As a present? Or more like a pet?”

The blunt end of a spear struck my back, indicating that I should speak. “A pet, Lady Emily.”

“Oh, that sounds delightful. What are your qualifications?”

My mouth suddenly went dry. I stammered and finally choked out, “I’m loyal.”

“Is that all? Loyalty? Do you take commands well?”

“Y-y-yes, Ma’am.”

“Good. Let’s test his loyalty.” Lady Emily addressed this to her guards. They got a good laugh out of this, making my blood run a little cold.

“Edward, ready your spear,” she said. The guard to my right moved close to her throne. I watched this out of the corner of my eye. Following him, I was able to spy Lady Emily’s legs and feet. Her legs were partially covered by a green skirt while her feet were highly adorned with jewelry; an anklet on her left ankle and a ring on each toe. They caught the light and glittered in a dazzling display. This glance at her feet nearly obscured what the guard, Edward, was doing. Sitting to the back of Lady Emily’s throne sat a bucket of what I could only describe as “goo.” He dipped the blunt end of his spear into this before coming back to me.

“Subject,” she commanded, “lower your front quarters and lift your hind. You are about to experience your first test to see if you are worthy to be my pet.”

Lifting my bottom high, I gasped aloud when I felt something hard and wet press against my bare bottom. It was the end of Edward’s spear. He hesitated for a moment before I felt him pushing this object into my body, past the tight ring of my sphincter. I exclaimed aloud, shocked at the sensation. This caused more laughter in the court from all of Lady Emily’s guard. Yet, I didn’t hear her laugh join the chorus. Rather, she purred, “Good. Take that for me. Show me what you’re willing to take.”

Edward began pushing his spear in and out of my bottom in a slow rhythm. Despite myself, I felt my cock begin to swell. I only prayed that no one noticed. Perhaps Lady Emily did as she soon said, “Check him, George. See if he’s hard.”

The guard to my other side bent down and put a gruff hand under me. He soon found and gripped my hard cock. “Yes, M’Lady,” he reported.” I felt him continue to squeeze and even stroke my member a few times before she told him to let me go.

“Your reaction to my cock is hopeful,” she said. “Any time anything enters you, it will be me in spirit; my cock. Do you understand?”

“Yes, M’Lady.”

“Good boy. Edward, fit him with a reminder of this.”

Edward’s spear was removed from my bottom. After a moment of emptiness, he filled me again. A series of straps and buckles were wrapped around my waist with one snug ring secured around my cock. This harness device had some kind of plug which filled me. Soon a lock was placed through the largest buckle. The key was placed in my mouth.

“Bring me the key, subject,” Lady Emily commanded. Like an animal, I crawled to her over the cold grey marble. I lifted my head for her to take the key. When she did, she used her other hand to grab my chin. She forced me to look at her, to be taken into her eyes. We were suddenly connected. The rest of court dissolved around us. As I looked into her eyes I saw great and terrible things. I saw myself transformed into a little girl, sitting on the seat next to my Queen. I was now her princess. I saw myself over Lady Emily’s knee, my butt beet red with hand-shaped welts raising. I saw my mouth around a faux cock that sprung from Lady Emily’s waist. I saw her bent over with my face pressed between her ass cheeks. And then I heard her voice in my mind, “These are just a few things I can offer. Will you accept my superiority?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” And, with that, we were back in her court. She released my chin and told me, “Worship my feet.”

I leaned down and began to kiss her tender toes. The coldness of her jewels was soon warmed by my breath. I kissed each inch of her feet before darting my tongue out and licking her tender flesh. My mouth wrapped around her toes, one to another to another. I sucked on each as I sucked on the cock I saw in the vision she granted me. I wanted to prove that I was going to be a worthy pet. Inaudible to anyone else in the court, I heard a small moan escape from Lady Emily. “Court dismissed!” she commanded. I could hear the clang and noise of her guards leaving the room quickly followed by her skirts being lifted, giving her access to her sex.

As I continued to kiss and suck on her toes, I became even more thrilled as I knew that Lady Emily was slowly bringing herself to orgasm with her fingers just a few feet from my face. A low moan was slowly replaced by a high pitched squeal. I continued to worship her feet long after she came. I would show that I would follow one order until another was given. I would be the best pet Lady Emily ever had.

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That's a damn good pet!