Dec 18, 2006

Teaching The Teacher Story 4

A note, written in code, on my homework told me that I was expected to meet Mistress Belladonna that evening. She greeted me at the door looking more like one of my schoolmates than my teacher, albeit an oversexed vision of the girls in my class. She wore the standard pleated plaid skirt and white blouse of the girls’ uniforms with the addition of black fishnet stockings and high heel shoes. Her makeup was a bit “extreme,” made more so by her pigtails, tied with thick red ribbons.

My stunned reaction came of no surprise, of course. Mistress Belladonna had come to know me better than I knew myself. She made me keep a journal of my most intimate thoughts. She would encourage me to concentrate on certain aspects of my fantasies, as if to mold me into what she wanted me to be. It amused her to no end when I would bare my soul. And, rather than hiding my desires, I came to cherish her derisive laughter and chiding comments. The more venomous, the better. The humiliation became a sweet sensation mixed with bitter truth.

When I would write of my fantasies about having sex with some of the girls in my classes, Mistress Belladonna would corner me during the day and ask me, “Do you really think that you have anything to offer to a girl? The only thing you’re good for is sucking cock and licking ass, slut.” I would stammer and, occasionally, try to defend my desires but, in the end, I knew she was right.

Dressed as she was, Mistress Belladonna had tapped into some of my strongest desires. Her skirt allowed me to see her long, lovely legs. I could discern her pale, creamy skin under the stockings. Her skirt was cut so that I could even view a little bit of the area above her stockings. My mouth watered at the thought of being able to feel that soft skin. Sometimes, if I thought hard enough, I could still call to mind the exact flavor her fingers carried when she allowed me to taste her, the first time we met. That was my first and last taste of her pussy. From then on, I was only allowed to lick her ass or the pussy of my girlfriend, Stephanie.

Handpicked by Mistress Belladonna, Stephanie was a beautiful girl with an enlarged clitoris that dwarfed my feeble cock. It pleased Mistress Belladonna to no end to see me on my knees with Stephanie’s clitty in my mouth. She liked for me to serve Stephanie while Stephanie served her in turn. It took a second for me to realize that Stephanie was also in the room, as was Mistress Red. My eyes had been locked on Mistress Belladonna.

I knew what I had to do. I removed my clothes, shedding all sense of self determination. I stood naked only for a second before falling to my knees. I greeted Stephanie and Mistress Red as I had been instructed. I crawled to Mistress Red, kissing the tops of her feet, before doing the same to Stephanie. This was to show that I truly knew my place, at the feet of women.

“Come now, Michael, give Stephanie a kiss,” Mistress Belladonna said. I leaned up to give Stephanie a long, passionate kiss. I felt her tongue exploring my mouth and my cock became hard immediately. The two Dominas chuckled a bit, seeing us kiss so long and hard.

“Now it’s my turn,” Mistress Belladonna said, pointing to her shoes. I crawled over to her and kissed the tops of her shoes. “Do you like my feet, Michael?” she asked. I nodded in ascent. “Good. Worship my feet,” she commanded. “Don’t get my shoes wet. Take them off.” She sat down and I removed her shoes before again kissing the tops of her feet. I held one foot in my hand and began to kiss it lightly all over. I licked the underside, tasting the leather of her shoe mixed with the taste of her sweat. I began to kiss and suck on each of her precious toes with their blood red polish. “MMm… good boy. Suck on those toes like they were little cocks, faggot.” I began taking her big toe in and out of my mouth, bobbing my head like she taught me to do when I sucked on her strap-on cock. I moved my tongue lasciviously around each of her toes before diving back down and taking them all into my mouth. She helped me by pushing her foot into my gaping maw, looking down and enjoying the site of her toes disappearing into my eager mouth. And that was just the first foot…

I worshipped the second foot with equal vigor as she, Mistress Red, and Stephanie talked nonchalantly. Occasionally I was the topic of conversation but mostly it was small talk. I felt like a fly on the wall, taking in a tea party while suckling this gorgeous woman’s toes. When she had enough, Mistress Belladonna instructed me to lie down on the room’s bed. After doing so, I was soon bound spreadeagled on my back to the bed by Stephanie and Mistress Red. My head at the foot of the bed I looked up and wondered what the three ladies had planned for me. I kept my eyes locked on Mistress Belladonna the whole time.

Mistress Belladonna had Stephanie stand by the foot of the bed. Her legs were spread and her shapely ankles tied to the feet of the bed. Her legs now lewdly spread wide, her clit hovered over my face. Her wrists were bound behind her back and raised up forcing her to bend over. Her bottom was high up in the air and her clit forced into my mouth. The rope holding Stephanie’s wrists was then tied to my cock and balls so that she was not able to stand up without pulling them very hard. Mistress Belladonna lifted up Stephanie’s skirt and lowered her panties, exposing Stephanie’s pretty bottom.

Stephanie’s now-hard clit in my mouth, the rope prevented her from removing it. Her thighs astride head and her pert behind formed my world since that was all else I could see. Mistress Belladonna’s gloved hand came into view and I watched as she lubricated Stephanie pussy. Once well lubricated I saw her push the end of a double bardex into Stephanie’s shapely rear, my girlfriend let out a slight gasp as she felt the deflated balloon slide inside her. The hiss of the first handpump told me that the balloon inside her was being inflated. I counted the slow deliberate pumps: one, two……surely Mistress Belladonna would stop soon.

Stephanie began to moan as the balloon stretched her insides. “Just one more,” I heard Mistress Belladonna tell her, “I don’t want there to be any chance you can push this out…none at all.” With that she gave a final eighth squeeze of the pump. I then saw the external balloon begin to inflate, and after four pumps it nestled between Stephanie’s cheeks. I knew that not she would be completely unable to prevent anything being injected into her plugged pussy. I could tell Stephanie was well aware of the same thing as her clit was now rock hard and pushing down my throat. I too unable to do anything but massage it with my wanting mouth.

The sounds of gurgling told us both that the enema bag had been attached and the clamp released, allowing the hot soapy water to flow into Stephanie. Mistress Belladonna held the bag high above Stephanie ensuring the water flowed swiftly into her. Soon Stephanie began to moan as the water forced its way into her, the fast flow causing her cramps as it pushed inside her. I felt a sharp slap as Mistress Belladonna’s strap landed on my spread thigh as she commanded me to suck harder on Stephanie’s engorged clit. Stephanie was now starting to wriggle with the cramps and from the feelings of pleasure in her clit. Her movements pulled hard on my cock and balls as she struggled to relieve her predicament.

Mistress Belladonna reduced the height of the enema bag slightly to give the poor girl some temporary relief before raising it again delighting in the effect it had on her subject. Finally the bag was empty and all four pints of hot soapy water was now inside Stephanie. Mistress Belladonna clamped the hose and disconnected it from the bag, placing the cap on the Bardex so that Stephanie was not able to expel any of the water inside her.

I heard Stephanie start when a slap landed on her ass, followed in quick succession by a few dozen more. I could picture the redness of Stephanie’s bottom, a hand-shaped mark standing out. From there, Mistress Belladonna began utilizing a variety of implements on Stephanie – from her softest flogger to a wooden paddle. While Stephanie was exposed to this barrage of sensation, I could feel that Mistress Red was nearby.

Stephanie moaned as her ass became redder and redder while, at the same time, her insides began to cramp as her body attempted in vain to expel the water. After a few minutes Stephanie began to beg to be released, her insides feeling like they would explode. I heard Mistress Belladonna tell her that Stephanie was to ask for six more slaps and then she would be released. She also told me to suck Stephanie’s clit hard and if she should come before the six slaps she would get six more! Stephanie begged for the six strokes and I could tell from her now frantic movement she was in considerable discomfort despite her hard clit in my mouth. Her movements pulled painfully on my cock and balls and I was afraid they would be yanked from my body. I could hear Mistress Belladonna cooing to Stephanie, telling her that she was taking the punishment well and how fun it was to redden Stephanie’s ass. Eventually, the six were completed and Mistress Belladonna quickly untied Stephanie’s wrists and ankles to allow her to race to the bathroom.

“The only thing more fun than paddling that ass is fucking it,” she me. So when she returns maybe I will allow you to do that to her. In the meantime what shall I do to you while we await her return?”

Mistress Belladonna asked Mistress Red for a helping hand as the two spent the next ten minutes taking me to the brink of orgasm, begging for release, and denying it. Mistress Red used her immense skills to work my cock with her fingers, knowing better than I did when she could push me harder than I thought I could take. While Mistress Red jerked my cock, Mistress Belladonna whispered quietly into my ear, telling me how lucky I was to have any woman touch me. She also teased me with the taste of her pussy, allowing me to hear her fingers playing with her pussy.

After about ten minutes Stephanie returned, her insides now spotlessly clean and her clit still hard and clearly excited at the past experience. Mistress Belladonna tied her back to the foot of the bed once again, her arms tied to my cock and balls and her clit once again in my mouth.

From Stephanie’s gasp, I imagined Mistress Belladonna inserting something (a finger?) into Stephanie’s bottom. I detected a whiff of lubricant and heard Mistress Belladonna ask if Stephanie was ready to accept her fist. Though scared, I heard Stephanie beg for it. “Please, Mistress, please fuck my ass.”

It seemed interminable but I could hear the entire process of Stephanie being opened up to accept Mistress Belladonna’s entire fist in her ass. Finally I could tell by the noises Stephanie was making that she was about to take the whole fist. I was witness to the sight of Mistress Belladonna’s fist sliding into Stephanie. Slowly it began to disappear inside her, Stephanie moaned with pleasure as her pussy was stretched wider and wider right before my eyes. Then it was all inside and only Mistress Belladonna’s wrist could be seen protruding from Stephanie’s cheeks. Meanwhile, my cock was standing straight up, as attentive to everything as I seemed to be. Without warning, I felt a strange sensation on my balls. This coupled with my excitement almost had me cumming right there. After a few seconds, I determined that Mistress Red (most likely), was using a feather on me, stroking my balls with it, running it up my cock and back down again. I couldn’t suppress a moan of pleasure. Oddly, my moan almost seemed to drown out Stephanie’s. A feather could never be as much of a source of sensation as a fist in the ass, could it?

Stephanie’s groans grew louder and louder and I wondered if she would be allowed to orgasm. I could hear Mistress Belladonna talking to Stephanie the entire time. Meanwhile, the feather had been moved up to my overly sensitive nipples. Each small stroke drove me mad with desire, making me want to strain against my bonds and break free. I was in a frenzy of sexual desire and almost asked aloud that someone touch my cock.

I knew that Stephanie’s head lay only a few inches away, between my spread legs, and felt waves of gratitude flow over me when I heard Mistress Belladonna say, “You’re being too loud, Stephanie. Gag yourself on Michael’s little cock.” As soon as Stephanie’s warm, wet mouth sheathed my cock, I felt the feather removed from my nipples, replaced by Mistress Red’s pinching fingernails. I moaned aloud some more. My own mouth was still filled with Stephanie’s clit I sucked on it for all it was worth as Stephanie sucked my cock. “You can’t cum without permission, and you better not let Stephanie cum either or you will both get punished” Mistress Red reminded me. I nodded and continued to suck on the cock in my mouth.

“I love the look of a cock going in and out of a slut’s mouth, don’t you?” Mistress Red asked. I wasn’t sure if she was talking about Stephanie, me, or the pair of us. Mistress Belladonna laughed in agreement as Stephanie and I 69’d and she continued to fist Stephanie’s ass.

“Oh, Mistress, please, please, please may I cum?” squealed Stephanie around my cock. After what seemed like an interminable silence, Mistress Belladonna simply said “yes.” Before I knew it, my mouth was flooded with Stephanie’s cum. I swallowed and swallowed, drinking it down. Stephanie continued to suck on me the entire time she came, not stopping even after she was spent. It was only the lack of thrusting that told Mistress Belladonna that she was done. “Good girl, Stephanie. Now quit sucking,” she said, slowly, carefully removing her gloved hand from Stephanie’s bottom. She led Stephanie to the bed and had her lie down on her back to catch her breath.

Mistress Belladonna came back around and looked down at me. “You have cum on your lips, you filthy slut. How did you like that mouthful of juice?”

I couldn’t lie to her. “I loved it, Mistress.” She and Mistress Red laughed.

“Want to see something funny?” Mistress Red asked. “Watch this,” Mistress Red said, holding a dildo in front of my mouth. I gasped and opened my mouth wide, my tongue flailing about helplessly. “Look at how bad he needs it. Do you need more in your mouth, slut?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Mistress. Please!” I begged.

“Please what?” she demanded.

“Please let me have Your cock in my mouth, Mistress. Please let me suck You!” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of me, but I knew they were true. For months Mistress Belladonna had kept on me, telling me that I needed to think about cocks and how to please them. When she allowed me to masturbate, she instructed me that I was only to think about sucking cock while I did it. And, of course, I had to write down these fantasies in detail for her enjoyment in my journal. She kept a copy of my writings in her desk as blackmail, along with pictures of me sucking her strap on. This “insurance” was altogether unnecessary, though, as I had completely given myself over to her power.

“That’s a good little slut,” Mistress Belladonna cooed. “Let her have it,” she said. Mistress Red slipped the cock into my mouth and let me suck on it. Shortly she removed it from my mouth only to have it replaced by another. Mistress Belladonna straddled my face and fed me her strap-on cock. I looked up into her eyes as she tilted her head back, fucking my mouth with abandon.

Meanwhile, Mistress Red took my legs up and put them over her shoulders as she slicked my asshole with lube before sliding her own strap-on into my ass. As roughly as Mistress Belladonna fucked my mouth, Mistress Red fucked my ass twice as hard. After a little while, Mistress Belladonna looked down at me and said, “You’re taking our cocks very well, Michael. I think you deserve a bit of a reward.” She turned around, lowering her ass onto my face and allowing me to lick her tight rosebud.

I felt Mistress Red’s thrusts become harder and faster and I imagined how wonderful it would be if she were fucking me with a real cock and were cumming deep in my ass. It was about that time that I felt something on my cock – it could only be the unmistakable sensation of Stephanie’s sweet mouth taking my hard shaft into her warm, wet hole.

Mistress Belladonna, once sated by my tongue, stood up and fetched a few towels to place under my head. She then straddled my head once again, this time without her strap-on present. “Keep your eyes locked on mine. You nod when you feel that you’re about to cum, Michael,” she commanded. It wasn’t long before I nodded to her. Before I knew it, my face and mouth were being flooded with the warm salty nectar of Mistress Belladonna’s urine as I flooded Stephanie’s mouth with my spunk and Mistress Red finished fucking my ass.

Lightly slapping my face, Mistress Belladonna whispered, “Good boy” before climbing off me. “Go clean yourself up.”

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