Dec 21, 2006

To Be Possessed: A Fantasy

I’ve been opened before. The first Woman I ever served wanted to open me and take possession of me, as if She could reach deep inside of me and grab my soul. She reached in and left my soul but she did manage to leave a mark on it. On me. I’ve never been the same since. I never thought that I would long for that sensation again but, indeed, I do. I’ve long since wanted to be opened.

In the years since then, I’ve been opened a few times by those I’ve felt closest to. The sensation takes me to another level. I’ve been a submissive for as long as I can remember and the experience of being opened makes that submission run deeper and stronger.

Over the last week, I’ve been under instructions to open myself up via the use of several butt plugs. I began with one the width and length of a woman’s finger and have moved up in side since. From a finger to a few fingers to a small fist. By comparing the sizes of these plugs to anatomical sizes, I’ve helped keep them alive. They’re not objects inside of me. Rather, they’re the finger or fist of the Woman who commands me to keep them inside of me for long stretches of time throughout the day. This same Woman who has me snap rubber bands against my hard cock to soften it.

Being filled by this Woman is a strain on my cock. It turns me on and, moreover, it strips me of artifice. With each centimeter that goes in, I feel that I’m losing a bit of myself and becoming more and more submissive. I feel more true to myself. This is as exciting as it is frightening. I find that I’m admitting more to myself than I ever would before.

The feel of this latest, largest butt plug inside of me takes me to new depths of submission, bringing to light just how far I would go to please Her. I dream that, more than her fist, that the plug in me is another man’s cock and that I am pleasing her by taking a man inside of me, of being fucked and debased.

I have had some experience as a submissive but am not as worldly as I would like to be. In my experience, the most that I’ve been able to offer a Woman is to take any amount of pain that she would give me and to worship a man’s cock for Her. To suck, to be fucked, to take that is one of the few gifts I feel I can give in return for the use she provides me. For, when a submissive is used, they feel fulfilled. She has provided me this in so many ways but mostly, for now, it’s been by keeping my ass filled.

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